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Designer Bathroom Ideas That Have The WOW Factor

Designer Bathroom Ideas That Have The WOW FactorA bathroom is a great way to add some value to your home, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that many people consider their bathrooms to be a priority when it comes to home improvements. It might be a quick revamp, or it could end up being a full refurbishment. However you decide to give you bathroom the makeover it deserves it is sure to add some value to it. But what ideas should you implement? How far do you go with it? I wanted to share with you some of the designer ideas that could give your bathroom the wow factor.

Consider a different layout

Many people have the luxury of larger bathrooms with a lot of space, but if you don’t utilize that space correctly, then you could be missing a trick. Many people love a bath, but also adding a separate shower cubicle could be a great addition and add some serious value to your home. A quick look online can provide a huge range of shower cubicles and enclosures could add a designer feel and could be suitable for all types of budgets and bathroom spaces. Having the benefit of a separate shower can really appeal to families.

Think about a different color scheme

Maybe your bathroom just needs a quick spruce up and often that can be achieved by changing the colors. You might want to consider some of the popular trends of 2017 and think about a grey color palette, or maybe you like the idea of adding something colorful into the mix. Whichever way you decide to go, the change of color could be just what your bathroom needs. However, if you are spoilt for choice why not take yourself to some bathroom showrooms and see what colors are being used. It can help give you a visual idea of the imagery.

Use tiles to change things up

Bathrooms don’t always need a brand new bathroom suite to feel like they have been refurbished. Some of the bigger elements like the flooring or the walls can make a huge difference to your room and it certainly doesn’t cost as much as replacing the whole suite itself. You can be funky with it and choose a different concept, or you may just want to consider a more traditional tile layout.

Give the room some light

A dark bathroom can be unappealing, especially when you use it for getting ready in a morning. So if you can open up the light to your bathroom it can help to make it feel larger and more user-friendly. Instead of using blinds why not put a film on the windows to give the privacy while allowing the light into the bathroom.

Add storage elements to keep the room tidy and organized

Finally, storage is key in a bathroom to ensure that you keep things looking clean and tidy. There are things in a bathroom that needs to be there, however too many things on display can make a room look cluttered. I hope that these ideas help you with your bathroom.

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