Current and Future Trends in Electronic Cigarette Use

E-cigarettes are currently receiving controversial public opinion all over the world. As this is happening, sellers are heavily promoting them as a better alternative to tobacco smoking. Most of us have heard that they assist in smoking cessation. On the other hand, medical experts have different opinions through their research. They claim that the long-term health effects are not yet known since the product came into the world just the other day. All of these forces have created some trends in the current use of e-cigs. People can also predict what the future of the products will look like. Here is what you need to know about the current and future trends of e-cig use.

It Is Considered a Healthier Option

Currently, most people tend to believe that vaping or the use of electronic cigarettes is a healthier option. Researchers also agree that vaping is many times healthier than traditional cigarettes. One of the leading factors in making this conclusion is the absence of smoke, tar, and even nicotine in some cases. Thus, the vapor that is produced is far less toxic. Research claims that the secondary users of the vapor barely receive any harm as soon as it mixes with the air before they inhale it.

Youths Are Vaping More

The use of e-cigarettes is now rampant in youths more than seniors. Novices who find it cool to smoke would rather buy an e-cig and e-juice than cigarettes. This has made the habit more acceptable in society than the use of traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is speculated that the older generation is still stuck in the use of tobacco, which is more addictive due to the presence of nicotine. But the current trend shows that the future is bright since the number of e-cig users has been increasing.

New Advanced E-cigs and E-juice

Currently, there are intricate e-cigarettes and vape mods equipped with amazing capabilities. Some are programmed to offer more convenience to users. One of the main reasons to improve these devices is to increase their safety as well. If you visit the website, you can view the current devices they have and their stock of e-juices. In the future, we can expect even more sophisticated devices that can produce cocktail flavors as programmed and many other capabilities.

Better Research Information

As mentioned earlier, research is ongoing across different institutions. They all focus on giving conclusive answers on whether the use of e-cigarettes is harmless to people. They have mostly been seeking answers about long-term use and its effects.For now, we can cling to what little information we have and the hype given by the sellers. But the future trends may change depending on the conclusive research results that will be given by scientists.


Currently, it is safe to say that e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity. More people, especially teens, are getting into the habit mainly because it is a cool idea influenced by peer pressure. The future may change all of this as we mentioned above.

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