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4 Websites To Help Your Family Save

4 Websites To Help Your Family SaveA generation ago, families saved money by clipping coupons and keeping an eye out for sales at their favorite stores. Then, the internet came along and changed everything. Eight in ten Americans shop online for everything from groceries to loans to their next car. And while you can still find coupons in the paper, there are lots of great online resources for savvy shoppers. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to scour the internet to find the sites that are worth your time. Here are four bookmark-ready websites that can help you and your family save big.

You know how coupons work, right? takes that idea and puts it online. Print coupons for products you need and redeem them out in the real world, wherever you shop. The site also has a “Coupon Codes” section to help you save on online purchases. Create an account and add your loyalty card information for even better deals. Check out the “Cash Back Offers” section to add deals from your favorite retailers to your account.


Speaking of coupon codes (also known as “promo codes,”) wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an easy way to try all the available codes for wherever site you’re shopping on and see which one gets you the best deal? That’s exactly what Honey does. Visit the website and download the Honey browser extension. Whenever it sees that you’re making an online purchase, Honey will tell you how many codes are available, quickly try each one, and let you know how much you can save.


Here are two words that strike fear into the hearts prospective college students and their parents — student loans. Happily, Credible simplifies your private student loan search and lets you compare offers to ensure you’ve found the right loan. Fill out a short form to determine eligibility. You’ll then get a list of prequalified rates from a variety of lenders, along with key information, including repayment options, monthly payment amount, and the total cost of repayment.


So it’s time to buy a new (or new-to-you) car. You know what you want, but how much you should pay to get it is a much more complicated question. That’s where TrueCar comes in. Let their vast network of car dealers know what you’re looking for. Soon you’ll receive detailed, transparent offers from dealers in your area, including all the extra fees that can otherwise sneak up on you. Feel even more confident by checking out how much people near you have recently paid for the same car. 

TrueCar works for both new and used cars. If you see an offer you like, simply contact the dealer with the confidence that you won’t have to do any haggling. The deal you see is the deal you get.

There are few better feelings than the satisfaction of knowing you saved a bunch of money. Whether you’re new to online savings sites or you’ve never completed an online transaction without entering a promo code, these websites are about to become your family’s favorite new online destinations. 

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