4 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

4 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

They say invest in your hair for it is the crown you never take off. Be it a blonde, black, white, blue or purple hair, the key to wear them well is to make sure it stays vibrant and hydrated. Here are some tips to stretch that color and make it last longer:

  • Keep it cool. Washing hair with hot water strips off the hair’s valuable oils. It opens the hair cuticle, allowing release of the hair’s color and moisture. By washing your hair with cold water, you help prolong the vibrancy of your hair color. It is best to use room temperature water when rinsing shampoo from your hair, then use the coldest water temperature for another rinse to seal the cuticle shut.


  • Keep your head above water. Chlorine is off-limits to colored hair. It dries out the hair and can strip off color from it. When going swimming, use hair protector with SPF as well as a swimming cap to avoid turning that blonde hair to lime green or that blue hair to grey. Remember to stay away from the sun too as it lightens up color and can contribute to a faster fade. So, grab those cute hats in your closet and show them off!


  • Skip the hair blower. Not only does it dry out locks quickly, but it can also speed up the process of color fading. Give your hair a break by letting it air dry or tie them up in a bun to help seal in moisture. Try to have at least a week of no blow-drying and make sure to apply a thermal protectant before using a blow dryer or a curling iron.


  • Deep conditioning. Chemicals in hair dyes have drying effects. By adding deep conditioning in your hair routine, you add an extra dose of moisture on your locks. Apply a deep conditioner on your hair, put on a shower cap, and leave it on for fifteen minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Do this once or twice a week at home for better results. Just make sure you’re using the right type of hair products, so you don’t wash out the color along with it. Look for products specifically for colored hair such as purple shampoo if you have just dyed your hair blonde.

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