Common Reasons Your Baby May Be Having a Difficult Time Getting to Sleep

Sleep deprivation and parenting a newborn tend to go hand in hand. This is especially true during the first few months as your baby tries to get adjusted to their new surroundings. Be that as it may, failing to get enough rest at night puts a lot of wear and tear on your health making it even more difficult to be an effective parent. If your baby is more than a few months old and you’re still not able to get even a few hours of rest each night, you may want to consider these reasons below.

No Routine Has Been Developed

If you haven’t noticed by now, your baby has no real concept of day and night. In order to get them used to sleeping at a decent hour, try creating a bedtime routine.  Before putting them to bed, make sure that they’ve been fed, burped, cleaned, and that you have changed their diaper. You can also try things like turning down the lights, turning on some music or white noise, and swaddling them before tucking them in for the night. 

Diaper Rash

There’s nothing worse than an irritating rash on your bottom. Your baby can’t communicate their discomfort. So, whenever they feel uncomfortable, they become cranky and even start crying. You can get your baby to sleep and soothe their bums by using soothing diaper rash cream. You should also make sure that you’re changing their diapers regularly throughout the day, and steering clear of products with harsh chemicals that could further irritate their skin. 

Too Many Distractions

Overstimulation can keep anyone up at night, but for your baby, that’s just getting used to their environment, just about anything could distract them from their sleep. To resolve this issue, consider relocating the baby’s nursery to an area of the home that is most quiet. Make sure that you turn off the television. Also, instruct your older children to keep the noise to a minimum or go in another area of the home so they don’t wake the baby. 


A bad case of gas and indigestion will certainly interrupt a baby’s rest. If your little one is suddenly awakened from their sleep and you’ve already tried the above-mentioned tips, it could be gas. Try gently patting your baby on the back or rubbing their tummy to help them move the gas. You should also be sure that you’re burping the baby after each feeding to avoid buildup. 


If your baby has been teething lately, the pain and discomfort can keep them from getting a good night’s sleep. You can tell your baby is teething if they have a loss of appetite, are running a slight temperature, or they have some swelling and inflammation around the gums. Soothe your baby’s discomforts and help everyone get a good night’s sleep by massaging their gums, providing them with a chilled teething ring, or giving them children’s ibuprofen (with your doctor’s approval). 

Underlying Health Problem

If your little one is typically a good sleeper but suddenly starts to have issues, this may mean that there’s something more serious going on. This is especially true if none of the other suggestions worked. If your baby is running a fever, displays signs of pain or discomfort, is having difficulty breathing, or anything else that seems alarming, seek medical attention right away. Baby sleep safety is more important than anything else; if you want your baby to sleep safely then can use toddler’s bed rails for it.

It’s normal for babies to have a hard time getting and staying asleep during the first few months of life. If this goes on for too long, however, it can have consequences for both you and your baby. After a few months, if you’re not getting adequate sleep, consider trying some of the tips to help your baby get better sleep. As advised above, if you aren’t having any luck after a few days of trying these solutions, it may be ideal to consult your child’s pediatrician for further diagnosis and treatment. Another common problem new parents have to deal with is teething. This can be uncomfortable for babies, but don’t worry as you can seek dental expertise from the emergency dentist in turlock for professional advice.

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