Advice On How Moms Can Build Their Self Esteem

Being a mom comes with a full schedule and not enough “me time”. You are always running around doing things for your children, doing things around the house, and following your own dreams at the same time. There are never enough hours in the day as a mom and sometimes this lack of time means you struggle to figure out how to continue to look fabulous, feel self-confident, and slay each and every day. Being fabulous does not have to mean spending tons of money. You can be your best self and be frugal at the same time.

Fabulous on the outside:

What you wear can have a major impact on how you feel about yourself. Having clothing that fits your body well and that you can move in can energize your day. Sometimes it is all about allowing ourselves to think outside the box and think boldly about what we wear. For example nice high heels, bathing suits for curvy women, or the perfect dress can make you feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin. It is nice to feel like you are allowing yourself to shine. Remember even if no one else will see you, you are going to see yourself. You can be a great mother and wear amazing clothes.

Once you have picked the perfect bold but comfortable outfit you might turn to your hair and skincare routine. Would keeping your hair down be easy or would such a style get in your way? Would adding a splash of color such as blue or red make you feel great or would it be added stress? Take a few minutes to brainstorm what types of hairstyles might be comfortable for you as you take care of your children. In the same way, examine your skincare routine. Do you need a deep moisturizing lotion because you are always washing your hands? Or maybe a product with sunscreen? Would a touch of makeup make you feel your best? There are hair and skincare routines for everyone which is simple and makes them feel amazing.

Fabulous on the inside:

Being a mom can have many challenges that are not always understood by others or our communities. If you want to look fabulous on the outside you have to start with the inside. One way is to honestly process how you are really feeling as a mom. You will not always feel joyful or happy or grateful and acknowledging when you are feeling depressed, angry, frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed is vital. A common saying about mothers is all mothers think about throwing the kid out the window but good mothers do not. While this might seem a little over the top in reality how motherhood is represented in the media tends to be very one-note and not a way that shows the complex emotions it can bring up. Never think you are not amazing just because you are struggling in the same way that all mothers are struggling.

Once you are able to identify these emotions you will be able to create game plans that will support you. Maybe you need to call on a friend or neighbor to take the kids for a few evenings a month so you can have a break. Maybe you have to work with others to find ways to divide up the labor at home. Maybe it makes sense to hire someone at a small business to come in and help with cleaning etc. As a mother, you can be your best self if you are able to reach out when you need a little support.

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