The Hottest Hairstyles for Spring 2020

Spring is the time to change your look, starting with your hair! With heat and humidity, it’s important to have a no-nonsense hairstyle that can last you from morning into the night. Look to effortless style when you’re on the go to enjoy your spring without taking too much time to get ready.

Here are the top five hairstyles of spring 2020:

1. Natural air-drying for long hair

When you’re in a hurry to leave the house, sometimes you need to skip the blow-dried style. Choose leave-in conditioner and detangler products for air-dried waves. Using natural hair styling products for this look will keep your hair smelling and looking fresh during the day.

2. Spiky short hair for convenience

If you’re not a fan of the feel of long hair that may stick to your neck with spring moisture, choose a short haircut. Easily spike sections or just the back for a modern hair-do that can be accessorized with earrings or left to speak volumes on your edgy look.

3. Scarves and hair accessories for all lengths

As soon as the breeze starts to blow, straight and curly hair can be affected by the elements. A hair scarf is fashionable for all ages, as well as clips and barrettes to keep your tresses from hitting your face and turning into knots you’ll have to brush out later at home.

4. Vibrant streaks to accent the season

Spring brings to mind the colors of vivid flowers and the brightness of a new season. Consider adding bold or pastel streaks of color to your hair if it’s medium or long when you’re feeling brave. If you need a temporary look, clip-on extensions can jazz up your look and look bright against even the darkest of hair to switch up and add together to make your hair into a fantastic rainbow.

5. Choose an athletic look

Spring calls for outdoor activities including sports or even a walk to work instead of driving in your car. If your hair doesn’t cooperate with the humid weather, you can easily pair your look with a matching hat for your outfit or a clean ponytail that will keep the hair out of your face. Many companies develop sweatbands and hair ties that double as accessories around your wrist to wrap around your hair at the end of the day for a clean look whether you’re heading home or out for a night on the town.

Easy Tricks for Spring Hair Styles

– Look to easy hair products to tame your tresses. Dry shampoo is great for days when you can’t wash your hair and is available in products that can add texture for all hair types.

– Bobby pins can keep your hair from flying away in the spring breeze. Place your pins with the smooth side underneath your hair and the textured side for extra style and hold.

– Take a break from washing your hair for a day. Your hair needs natural oils and a day to breathe to regain its strength. If it looks greasy. try a low ponytail or a cap.

Spring is time to try out new hairstyles. Develop your individuality and find out what helps you feel best this season.

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