Tips to Help Your Baby Get Better Sleep

Becoming a parent is something that is quite a joyful experience. But, it also brings in a lot of responsibilities. For better growth, the baby will need an appropriate amount of sleep. In case of most of the babies, a problem is seen regarding their sleep. Some of them tend to wake up in the middle of the night which can prove to be detrimental for the baby, and it also means a lesser amount of sleep for the family members. Thus for the better sleep of the baby, several tips can be followed. The tips will result in better quality sleep.

Given below are some tips

Swaddle: After birth, the babies often possess a reflex where they feel as if they are falling. This also happens when they are sleeping and thus they wake up in the middle of the night. Keeping a tight swaddle will prevent the movement of the baby and they will not feel as if they are falling and this will result in a better and longer sleep of the baby.

Limit the naps: You must make sure that your baby is not sleeping for a long time during the daytime. This will result in shortening the sleep time during the night and will cause many problems. Thus make sure that your baby sleeps not more than 2.5 hours during the daytime and this will result in a better sleep of the baby at night.

Comfortable Mattress: You can also use comfortable and eco-friendly crib mattress so that the baby can have a comfortable sleep. These tips will help them to be healthy and will result in better growth.

Feeding: If during the sleep, the baby is hungry, he/she might wake up and start crying. So try to feed the baby just before sleep time so the baby will not get hungry and will be able to enjoy a better sleep and will remain healthy.

Use routine: Following a routine during bedtime and pre-nap will make sure that the baby knows that it is time to sleep and will fall asleep easily. Try to do stuff on a regular basis like reading books, singing pulling the curtains etc so that the baby is aware that it is bedtime and will not remain awake.

Change the diaper strategically: Try to change the diaper according to the baby’s sleep. If the baby is having food in the middle of the night, try to change the diaper at that time so the baby can enjoy a better quality sleep and he/she do not wake up again due to irritation. This is very important so that the baby can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep without any disturbance.

Noise: To prevent the baby from waking up due to noises made in the other room, try to switch on the fan and keep it in a moderate speed so that the baby cannot listen to the noise occurring in the other rooms. Noise can wake up the baby and can disturb his sleep.

So, we can say that these tips are very helpful to make sure that the baby is having a better and longer sleep and is not feel any sort of discomfort.

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