Serena Ryder Interesting Facts: 15 Things You Might Not Know About the Canadian Musician

Serena Ryder is a dynamic musician with a vocal range that is matched by very few other artists. The Canadian musician has everything that you would love in a musician and she has managed to woe us with several hits. Serena has been singing since she was a child and her rise to fame has been far from a walk in the park for her. The 35-year-old rock has even fought with depression at a time things were not going well for her and the success she has managed to achieve is well deserved. We may know her for being an emotive rock star but do we really know her that well? If you were given a quiz about Rider, what would be your score out of ten?

With me today are 15 interesting facts about the Ontario rock star you probably never knew about. Let us go straight away into the list.

  1. She Was a Child Music Prodigy

Ryder did not figure out what she wanted to do at adolescence or adulthood like the majority of us. She knew that she wanted to be a performer right from the start and that is why she once took the stage in a wedding ceremony and sang. Her determination blew the attendants away and the fact that a 2-year-old child could sing and move to the tough to perform Michael Jackson song Beat It really showed that Ryder was destined for greatness.

  1. She Was Born into a Musical Family

Ryder’s biological father was Glen Sorzano, a Trinidad musician, Caribbean guitarist and a founding member of the Trade wind band. The band became very popular in Toronto town back in 1966 on account of their jocular and acumen songs. On the other hand, Serena Ryder’s mother   Barbara Ryder was a go-go dancer and a backup singer. Notably, Ryder’s stepfather Andrew introduced her to the jazz music and bought her a guitar which she started playing at the age of thirteen. That is why Ryder has influences from all over her surrounding which has influenced her to be a great performer.

  1. She Maintains a Low Profiled Personal Life

Despite being an iconic figure in the music industry, Serena Ryder has managed to stay out of the spotlight on her private life. For example, very little is known regarding her love life since she has never been seen with a guy on a romantic date. This is contrary of what is expected of her as a celebrity.

  1. She Is an Accomplished Visual Artist

Apart from singing, Serena Ryder is an established visual artist. Her talent as an artist ranges from drawing, sculpting, and painting. Most of her paintings are elaborately textured; she uses natural scenes as seen from her work like ‘The Stompa’ and ‘What I wouldn’t Do’.

  1. She Loves Charity

Despite having a busy schedule as an artist, Ryder still finds time to participate in charity activities. For example, she has supported Woodbine Junior High School by giving a musical instrument worth $10,000. Also, most of her paintings are sold for charity events like The Kidney Foundation of Canada.  

  1. She Is an Impressionist

Ryder is said to have three vocal ranges. Most people consider her to be mezzo-soprano; this ability helps her to mimic various accents. Her vocals are also the reason she gained worldwide fame. The ballad which made her famous world over can show this as she demonstrates vocal ranges not seen in many musicians.

  1. She Loves Poetry

Another interesting fact about Serena Ryder has been said in an interview that she started writing in bulky when she was just eleven years old. She explains that she never did diary entry as expected of an eleven-year-old kid; instead, she felt the urge of expressing something deeper which she couldn’t do in a regular conversation. She goes on to explain that she had been doing cover songs as a kid but her life come to a charging moment when she received the guitar gift from her stepfather.

  1. She Is a Multi-instrumentalist

Serena Ryder has the ability to play several musical instruments. She plays the following instruments; guitar, bass, drum, piano, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, banjo, and clarinet. She does this at a professional level.

  1. She Loves Kids

Ryder happens to be a passionate lover of kids. She actually admits to have worked as a nanny for 5 years. During an interview, she says if she wasn’t a musician the next option was to be something to do with hanging out with kids. She also added that in five years’ time she sees herself pregnant somewhere in Austrian beach

  1. She Is Very Honest

Ryder’s major selling point to her fans has been associated with her honesty. She puts it in her lyrics where she explains a failed relationship and falling in love in her two songs Why Can`t I Love You and Week On the Knees respectively. She says that being honest is the best thing one can do in a lifetime. She goes on to advise people to honest

  1. She Is a Hockey Fan

This is not surprising since Ryder comes from Ontario whereby hockey is a beloved sport. She is

  1. She Draws Inspiration from Several Classical Artists

Ryder has stated in the past that some of her biggest musical inspirations are from classical musicians like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Leonard Cohen, and others.

  1. She Is the Only Child

Serena Ryder is the only child. Her parents Barbara Ryder and Glen Sorzano separated and Ryder was raised by her step farther. They had a cordial relationship with her stepfather.

  1. She Left Home at 17

Ryder had a passion for music and decided not to go to college in order to pursue her dream. Her decision was the best as she later became one of the most influential Canadian musicians.

  1. She Wrote 65 Songs for Her Fifth Album

Ryder confessed to being in love in 2012 and wrote an album called Harmony in 2012 which had a whopping 60 songs. We can surely say that she was smitten and had a lot of words I am her heart to pour out.


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