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Cheap Ways To Keep Your Children Entertained On Rainy Days

Cheap Ways To Keep Your Children Entertained On Rainy DaysOnce the summer arrives, it’s easy to think up things to do with your children when you’re on a budget. From games in the garden to picnics in the park, you can have fun, keep them busy and tire them out, without spending much – if anything at all. But what about when it rains? Then you’ve got a bit of a problem. If you’re not ready for bad weather in the summer holidays, then you could get caught out when it arrives. And then it gets expensive, as you try to find fun activities to keep the boredom away. Well, here’s some top tips to keeping your kids entertained, without spending a small fortune.

Watch the latest films and TV shows online

A subscription to sites like Amazon Prime or Netflix can be a lifesaver in bad weather. Not only do you have access to brand new TV shows and films on almost a daily basis, but you can dredge up old favorites and keep the kids quiet for hours on end. Yes, so many judgemental mummy blogs will tell you never to let your children watch TV – but at the end of the day, who has the time and money to avoid it? Plus, there’s so much good content online now, that they aren’t just stuck with mind-numbing cartoons. If you can bypass Netflix VPN blocks, then you’ll be able to access shows and films from around the world. So, your children can experience different culture – and newer films. And it means you can watch the best new shows without waiting for them to go live in your country. Here’s some of the best original shows on Netflix at the moment – for you, not the kids!

Register with local facilities

If you have a local library or sports center nearby – use them! Sign up for memberships at the beginning of term, and see if they have any school holiday specials on. Normally leisure or sports centers will run classes at a discounted price for children, as well as having open ‘swim times’ when the pool is cheaper and just for children. Make sure to take a timetable, and know what you can do in a moment’s notice! Likewise, get your children involved at the library. You could see if they’re running a reading challenge, and if not, create your own. This challenge is a great one to follow, and will really help get your children excited about books and reading.

Find safety in numbers!

Chances are that if you’re struggling with bored, cooped up kids, so are other parents. Before the summer break arrives, swap numbers with the parents of your children’s friends. Then, if you’ve got a spell of bad weather, you can swap houses, activities and children – ensuring that everyone is kept occupied. Plus, kids can often make up their own games and keep themselves amused when they’re in a bigger group – so you won’t need to put as much thought into the entertainment side of things!

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