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Capture the Joy of Movement with Huggies


When you have two older siblings that are actively moving about the house, it doesn’t take much more inspiration for a baby to want to start taking those first steps. My baby girl Adeline could not wait to start walking in order to keep up with her older brother and sister. Everyone was eager to guide her towards those first steps and I will never forget the moment when she began walking. Her big sister helped her into a standing position, allowing her to hold her fingers for support. With big brother at the other side of the room rooting for her to walk, Adeline bravely let go over her sister’s fingers and began walking towards her brother. Is there truly anything more amazing than watching your children bond in this way? Adeline has not slowed down since that day and at 14 months is sprinting from room to room. In addition to being an expert at walking, she also enjoys a good song to move around to. Check out the video below from a few months ago, jamming out to a Taylor Swift song!

With the excitement of a mobile and active baby comes gear that suits their new moves. Making sure they have a comfortable and flexible diaper that accommodates their new moves is ideal. Huggies Little Movers Diapers and its Moving Baby System provides outstanding grip, fit, and wetness protection so your baby can get the most out of every little move as they begin to kick, roll, crawl and walk. You will find that there are diapers out there that will irritate around the legs and such when baby begins crawling, Huggies is not one of them!

Huggies Little Movers Moving Baby System is made up of three key features:

•  A DryTouch Liner that absorbs on contact
•  Double Grip Strips for comfortable movement and a comfy fit that lasts
•  Contoured Shape for freedom of movement


I have used Huggies with all three of my children and my littlest is currently moving around comfortably in them! I love the Huggies brand because they offer quality and affordable diapers for each stage of your child’s life! I have been truly impressed with the little movers stage diapers, she can run, climb and jump to her hearts content without and discomfort. She has also thoroughly inspected them and agrees… they are pretty amazing!!


Take a moment to visit the Huggies website and post to Instagram and Twitter with a picture of your own active baby with #SetBabyFree… for the chance to be featured on Huggies social pages! Also, make sure to try Huggies Little Movers Diapers for yourself, you will not be disappointed.





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