Jungle Jim Teaches Children To Read & Learn About Animals!

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Jungle Jim Teaches Children To Read & Learn About Animals!

All children love and enjoy music, you hear parents time and time again joke about having to listen to the same songs over again in the car. There are songs from my childhood that I can still sing to this day, songs that helped me to learn a certain subject. There is no doubt that music can be an incredible tool for children and very beneficial to their learning. Jungle Jim is wild about animals and children everywhere are embracing his passion for wildlife when they view his innovative, educational music videos. These must see videos blend together beautiful animation with exciting live-action footage of animals in their natural habitat. Your child will discover fun facts about animal through catchy tunes while going on a musical wildlife adventure with Jungle Jim.

Jungle Jim Teaches Children To Read & Learn About Animals!

Jungle Jim  explores the animal kingdom with his friends Flip the Monkey, Dash the Cheetah, Scratch the Porcupine and Stripes the Tiger. Jungle Jim was created after producer Steven Wagner had his three young children, whom requested he read books about animals at bedtime each evening. His children’s eagerness to learn more about animals gave Steve an idea… an idea for a musical animal show that would satisfy every child’s curiosity about animals. As a mother of three myself I can completely relate to this scenario, my children have always been so fascinated by animals. We have personally spent some time watching the Jungle Jim YouTube videos and my kids are huge fans! Parent’s are raving about this catchy series and their kids couldn’t agree more!

There are currently five original songs, along with many minutes of beautiful animation featuring the lovable hand drawn animated characters that join Jungle Jim in his adventures through the animal world. Two videos have actually already been released and there are three videos left to finish season 1. So how does your contribution to the Jungle Jim Kickstarter campaign help? You will help to create the final fully animated 5-video series! Any money raised beyond their goal will go towards developing new music and videos. The long-term goal is to continue to develop a high quality educational animation channel for children. I believe education is the most important gift you can give a child and I fully support anything that contributes to it. I hope that you take a moment to check out this wonderful campaign and consider helping them to raise the funds they need.  

Jungle Jim Teaches Children To Read & Learn About Animals!

Jungle Jim has also put together an amazing giveaway to celebrate Halloween! Visit the Jungle Jim facebook page to enter for a chance to win a $100 Toys R Us gift card…. there are two winners!!!

Jungle Jim Teaches Children To Read & Learn About Animals!

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