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Can’t Afford To See A Doctor?

Almost 1 in 4 Americans claim to have put off a visit to the doctors due to the cost. For many, this is a result of not having health insurance or any other benefits put in place. Skipping medical care can have many negative consequences, often allowing minor health problems to get worse until treatment becomes urgent and more risky (and a lot more expensive). You may think that you’re saving money now, but you could end up spending more in the long run, while potentially putting your life at risk for something that could have once been easily treatable. Below are just a few ways in which you can make a visit to the doctor affordable. 

Take out a medical loan

Borrowing money is never ideal. However, when it comes to medical costs, there are loans out there that charge 0% interest (providing that you’re able to pay them back on time). This could effectively allow you to pay off medical treatment in installments rather than paying it all upfront. 

Shop around

It can often be worth checking prices in advance. While you may not always be able to get an accurate price for treatment, billing staff will usually be able to let you know the cost of an appointment or any basic treatment. By calling up various clinics in your area, you can compare costs. Some states and cities have free walk-in clinics run by volunteers or low cost clinics – make sure to research into these and see if you are eligible to use them. 

Negotiate payments

It’s sometimes possible to negotiate the payment of treatment. By calling up the clinic’s billing staff and being honest about what you can pay, you may find that they’re able to offer some form of discount. If a discount isn’t possible, you may find that they allow you to pay in installments. You won’t know unless you ring up and try. 

Consider legal compensation

Have you become ill or injured as a result of someone else’s negligence? In such instances, it may be possible to seek legal compensation via a personal injury law firm. A solicitor may be able to help claim back money from the person at fault – money that could help pay for treatment. This is not a good strategy for funding urgent treatment as legal compensation can rarely be claimed immediately, however it may be a way of paying off a medical loan or installment plan. 

Look into health insurance

If you’re currently uninsured, it could be worth finally taking out insurance. When it comes to treating future health problems, being insured could be a huge help, helping to pay off most of the treatment. There are lots of low cost insurance plans out there that you may be eligible for. Spend time doing your research to find the best option. Be careful of choosing high deductible plans – while monthly insurance costs will be less, you’ll have to spend more upfront in the event of treatment. 

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