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Candle Shop: Soy Serenity Candle Review

A special thanks to Candleshop.com for providing me with their products for free to review on my blog!

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Product Description (direct from the  website)

Scented Medium Jar Candle – Every medium jar candle is skillfully handcrafted by our master chandler and her staff  for maximum scent throw by using the finest fragrance with essential oils and the best 100% Vegetable Soy Based Wax. The work of true perfection and the beauty of each Soy Serenity Brand medium jar candle speaks for itself. From an amazing burn time of 50-70 hours, to the earth friendly vegetable ingredients the character of every Soy Serenity Jar Candle stands for “Handmade Premium Quality”.

Our “ECO-PURE” Soy Serenity Brand Candles last 2 times longer burntime, stronger scent throw and are “non toxic” “dye free” compared to other brands that use “paraffin-petroleum” waxes.


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My Review


I am a candle addict and almost always have a candle burning in my home, so I was more than thrilled to be reviewing one! I have tried a vast variety of candles, but have yet to discover a soy one. I was happy to learn that these soy candles are eco friendly and have a much longer burn time than your average candle. I typically burn my candles out very fast because I use them so frequently, so having a longer burn time was a major plus, in my opinion! Another fact you need to know about me is that I was cursed with a strong sense of smell and pick up on every little scent. If one little thing smells unpleasant (which happens often when you have two children) I will race around my house to try and find it, while spraying febreeze into the air! This coincides with my reasoning for constantly burning candles in my home and I am always trying to find ones with stronger scents. My cherry blossom scented soy candle smells absolutely amazing and I could smell it the second I took the lid off (with it placed on the table, at a distance.) I then put my soy candle to the test (burning it for two hours) and was very impressed with the aroma that it filled my house with! I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it in fact, held up to its standard of having a longer burn life. I had only made a minor dent in the candle after two hours of burning it! Lastly, for candles of such great quality, their prices are jaw dropping! If you have ever shopped around for candles, then you know that the nicer ones are not inexpensive. Candle Shop has high quality candles at unbeatable prices, I would without hesitation recommend them to my readers!

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My Lovely Cherry Blossom Candle In Action!

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Visit Candle Shop today and see all of the great candles they have to offer at prices you can’t beat!

You can also follow them on their facebook pages:

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

63 thoughts on “Candle Shop: Soy Serenity Candle Review

  1. Great review, I love that they are true to their burn time and have a good scent as well. It can be hard to find both qualities in a candle.

  2. I love to hear that these candles burn longer. My son and I always burn candles. Can’t wait to try one.

  3. Cherry Blossom is an awesome scent for a candle. I really like that these are longer burning than most candles that you’ll find on the market. For us candle addicts, every minute counts!

  4. I’m trying to get a hold of 1 of these candles to try so bad. They have a new set called Silver Serenity Candles that has me running in circles

  5. I have purchased these candles before after reading the blog of someone else I follow and she is right on the money. The candles provide a clean burn and the scent lasts a long time. Thanks for sharing I will have to try the Cherry Blossom.

  6. I love the fact that these soy candles burn time is 50 to 70 hours. This allows you to truly enjoy the wonderful fragrance in your home for a long time. I will have to try these candles, great review.

  7. I am such a candle nut, and I always have one burning. I spend alot of money on candles, and know that you have to spend good money if you want a quality candle. These sound like just what I need.

  8. love the fact that these soy candles burn time is 50 to 70 hours. This allows you to truly enjoy the wonderful fragrance in your home for a long time. I will have to try these candles, great review. Plus they make your home smell good and relaxing

  9. I love what I read about the candles and i would love to try them. I get migranes so smells trigger them. I have a daughter that her and her husband love and burn candles very often. I will gladly tell them about the site. I think they will be very impressed too, as they shop together for candles, I am impressed!

  10. My dad is a soybean farmer and I’m always looking for ways to support what he does and this is one of them!

  11. Love soy candles! They last longer and burn cleaner. Thanks for the review- beautiful packaging 🙂

  12. With no toxic fumes this would be a scented candle I,d welcome into my home and feel good about giving as gifts

  13. I love that these candles has no toxic fumes as I have allergies and this is perfect. Burns evenly makes me want them even more. I hate when the candles burn in one area every time so I waste a lot.

  14. Great review! I love candles. I usually light one everyday around the house. I have never tried yours though but it does sound really nice

  15. I like candles that have a good aroma that lasts a long time, so I’m very impressed with this candle.

  16. I like candles that are toxic free ………………I am exposed to cigarette smoke and that is enough…………….love that these are hand poured also.

  17. I also LOVE candles and use many around my house. I like the soy candles the best. They really do seem to “throw” their scent off stronger and longer too.

  18. Its so hard to find candles that smell really good, and burn correctly. I love to have candles around the house. If they smell really good, you dont even have to burn them to smell them

  19. i tend to steer clear of soy candles, as every one i’ve ever used has given me crazy headaches – and i’m not a person who regularly gets those… i’ve had maybe 10 headaches (not counting ice cream ones) my entire life… so yeah, i wouldn’t mess with soy personally, but i’d totally give one to a friend. the design on the glass is so pretty and i’ll bet it smells heavenly 🙂

  20. I love that these candles are dye free, I love candles but I hate the by products that some companies put in them. They are always turning my walls black!!!

  21. The scents sound amazing. I love candles that are hand made and poured. Thanks for the great review

  22. I love that soy candles burn longer. I am trying to be greener this year and I need to find a great candle company for Soy candles! Looks like I found one.

  23. Cherry Blossom is by far my favorite scent for anything, ever. It makes me a little homesick, but I love it all the same.

  24. Thank you for the informative review. It’s nice to find a candle with a long burn time and a strong but pleasant scent as well. I’m looking forward to ordering one for myself!

  25. I love soy candles, these sound like winners for me. I love that they burn clean and handmade. Candles give your home that little extra touch of love.

  26. I love candles and love to have several burning in my home…just a cozy, good smelling atmosphere. I haven’t tried soy candles but will have to look it into. Burning longer would be excellent.

  27. It got my attention that you said you could barely tell you had burned it after two hours. I am tired of nbuying candles and having them gone in one night. I don’t think I have seen Cherry Blossom scent. Would like to try it.

  28. i always have a candle lite in my house i bet these smell awesome and i love the fact that they are soy. Great review

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