Can My Dog Eat Tomatoes?

Just looking at this little face licking his lips makes you want to order a double topped tomato pizza and treat him, and as much as he would love that too we need to be careful what and how much we feed our dogs when we speak about raw fruits and vegetables.

The occasional few chunks sprinkled on top of his dinner once in a while is not going to be harmful, besides tomatoes offer a large variety of nutrients and minerals, but we need to make 100% sure that no stems, leaves, or greenery of any sorts is present.

These contain a toxin that when ingested in large quantities – which is not difficult for a dog rummaging through the garden tomato patch while you’re out – can cause poisoning, severe diarrhea, and vomiting. For an interesting and quick read-up on the subject see here to know all about tomatoes and their pros and cons when it comes to adding them into your furry family member’s diet. Some tips and pointers you may already well know, others not, but we all know when it comes to knowledge you can never have enough.

But for a simple yes or no to your question of whether your dog is safely allowed to consume tomatoes, the answer is yes (without the dangerous greenery, i.e. leaves, stems, and under-ripe skin).

The benefits of tomatoes in your pups’ diet.

Yes, this fruit – or arguably ‘vegetable’ to some people – may not be one of your daily 5 food group requirements, but it does offer a bulk of antioxidants and a great source of natural fiber to the body.

There are dog food brands on the market today that list tomato pomace which is essentially the tomatoes skin, flesh, and seeds crushed up, in their kibble dog pellets. So it is already becoming a big part of the canine menu planning, just be sure to read labels so as not to overdose your pup on tomato.

Tomatoes can range from small (cocktail or cherry) to extra-large and juicy buffalo varieties, all offering essential vitamins and minerals and a natural source of nutrients.

To reassure those of you who may still be hesitant in adding tomato to your dogs’ diet due to the naysayers and critics who, let’s be honest have more than likely not done any research into the matter, a quick look at this blog article might help set your mind at ease and answer the questions that have been on your query list.

Everything in moderation can be a good thing, and who are we to deny our furball a delicious ripe tomato, am I right?

How to implement tomatoes into your dog’s meals.

The world is full of budding chefs or homebodies looking to get creative in the kitchen, and not just with our meals. There are plenty of people looking to experiment, create and innovate new and improved pets’ dishes, opting to use more wholesome and organically-grown produce that is not only chemical and pesticide-free but without all the unnecessary toxic additives and preservatives.

Have you been keen to give something new a try, to surprise your pup with a ‘masterpiece’ creation? Because we all know the unconditional love that our pets offer us after a long day at the office, then click here to see some quick and easy recipes to try your hand at what could soon be your cooking ‘calling.’

The great thing about successfully baking doggy biscuits or whipping up a batch of dog dinners is that they are easy to portion out for dog walks or travel, and you can freeze them down when cooking in bulk. This way, you save time and money and enjoy the important aspects of owning a dog, like cuddles and wrestling on the rug.

A final thought.

We are always looking for ways to be healthier, fitter, and more active, and more than half of the success boils down to diet, so why should it be any different for our pets. We have taken on the responsibility of owning a dog, we should give the best quality of life that they deserve, and if it means a change of diet for the better, then so be it.

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