Interested in a Simple lifestyle? Here are 5 Tips to Get You Started

If you are a millennial, then you have heard about the concept of simple living. In a nutshell, simple living limits your dependency on technology, the stresses of fast city life, and unhealthy foods. It is not uncommon for you to hear that twenty-first-century celebrities have simple lifestyles. These public figures lead stressful and technology-based lifestyles, hence their need for regular breaks.

Be that as it may, simple living is not exclusively for superstars; the benefits of such a life could transform you forever. Your life as a senior becomes more bearable if you lead an uncomplicated lifestyle. For instance, you could avoid dementia in your old age through a low-cholesterol diet.

Dementia is an umbrella term for losing your memory and problem-solving capacities in old age. Researchers concluded that having hearing loss can lead to dementia. The following are straightforward techniques for simple living to avoid both hearing loss & dementia.


  • Reduce Technology Dependency


There are hundreds of social media platforms you can use. However, none of them will improve the quality of your life. Whenever possible, avoid technology in its entirety: television, cellphones, and laptops. However, if you are a remote worker, limit your technology use for your work or business. 

Furthermore, technological sources flood you with information and advertisements that disorient your focus. The leading cause of stress in modern society is the inability to define basic needs; avoid any information sources that base their values on mystifying your daily needs.


  • Have a Minimalist Mindset


As a minimalist, you should have everything in the smallest form possible. For instance, relocating to a smaller house, having a smaller car, and less clothing are several things a minimalist person would implement. The ultimate advantage of a minimalistic lifestyle is fewer sources of stress, hence a healthy life.


  • Spend Time Alone


If you consider yourself an extrovert, time alone might seem like a punishment. However, contrary to what you’ve heard, nobody is 100% an extrovert; we all have some introvert in us, some more than others. 

Explore that introvert by spending quality time in your own company, and take this time to internalize your priorities in life. A simple life is fundamentally knowing your desires and pursuing them effortlessly.


  • Eat Healthily


It goes without saying; a simple life is a means of sustaining your mental and physical health. The traditional way to attain both is eating whole, home-cooked meals. It would be a sad scenario if you uphold guidelines of a simple lifestyle but forgot this one.

Aside from the long-term health benefits, healthy foods like vegetables and nuts provide nutrients for everyday functioning. For example, you have excellent brain function when you eat things like fatty fish.


  • Declutter Your Living Space


Get rid of any old clothes, furniture, or equipment. The process of decluttering goes hand in hand with your minimalistic mindset. Simply put, the accumulation of litter and old paraphernalia will hinder your journey towards minimalism.

Final Thoughts

In modern society, it takes discipline for you to live a simple lifestyle. Advancement in technology and communication has made quick results a necessity. However, years of stress and burnout will drive you mad; no wonder there are so many cases of mental illnesses in the modern world.   

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