Can Acne Be Eliminated Over Time?

Acne is the product of oil and dead skin cells clogged in our skin. A pimple is likely to erupt when the clogged pores get infected with bacteria. Red bumps on the skin follow. You might be induced to test out remedies to eliminate acne at this point. But all in vain. Eventually, it is only wise to study how to use essential oil for acne and whack out the acne using the product. 

Essential oils for acne have been in use for quite some time now. Time and again, essential oils like Oregano oil and Jojoba oil have helped remove acne and deep cleanse the skin. That is why most people suffering from acne look up what essential oils are good for acne online.

History Of Essential Oils 

Essential oils have been in the business for centuries now. It has also acquired a significant part in many cultures over the world. What is more intriguing is that religious texts like the Bible also refer to essential oils in numerous places. However, amidst hundreds of essential oils that we use today, it is prudent to identify those that work best and are most likely to soothe your acne problem on time. That is what this article is about!

How Are Essential Oils Formed?

Essential oils are curated using Carrier oils and plant extracts. This makes the product natural, healthy and safe for use. Aromatic chemicals are also involved in the process to amplify its benefits. As such, they undergo steam distillation or cold pressing to help form quality essential oils. 

Once the aromatic chemicals have been used in the mixture, they are then blended with Carrier oil, which helps create the right fusion of aroma and oil. During this time, the essential oil is almost ready and smells like the plant it was extracted from. 

What Are The Benefits Of Essential Oils For Acne?

Essential oils come from plants. These are very high-concentrated compounds that may often help with relaxation as well. That is why experts also use them during Aromatherapy sessions. Today, they are also used worldwide for a host of natural treatments for the human body. The prevention of acne is one of them. 

By helping eliminate acne, essential oils may improve the quality of your skin and make you feel confident about yourself. You may also feel more beautiful, healthy, and rejuvenated than ever before. Timely, many people have reported experiencing positive impacts after using essential oils for acne. However, those who did not experience the positive impacts either used it inconsistently on their skin or did not know how to use it right. That is why it is important to know how to use essential oils properly. 

Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Scientific evidence naturally refers to essential oils and links them with changes in acne regularly. In fact, many studies have proven that essential oils, especially Tea Tree oil, can be very effective in acne removal. In a 2007 research, a test was conducted on 60 patients with moderate acne vulnerabilities. They were segmented into two different groups wherein 30 got Tea Tree oil to use while the remaining received a non-therapeutic placebo. 

A span of 45 days was allotted to them, after which the result of the test would be out. Eventually, after those 45 days, it was found that patients using Tea Tree oil showed more improvement than those using a non-therapeutic placebo. As a result, it was evident that Tea Tree oil is quite an effective solution for acne treatment. 

In a 2003 study, it was found that essential oils were quite beneficial for anti-bacterial effects. Although there was not much scientific proof to back up the statement, it was evident that it worked as more individuals started observing the benefits on their skin. 

In another research conducted in the year 2010, it was found that essential oils contain anti-inflammatory properties that were quite useful for acne-prone skin. In fact, many skin experts also suggest the use of essential oils for acne as they have proven to work for all skin types constantly. The treatment is also rapid, convenient, and renders no side effects, which makes it even more useful in the long run. 

Can Essential Oils Help Eliminate Acne?

Acne can be of many types. Cystic acne and hormonal acne are some of these kinds. Since acne can be mild to severe, their treatment must also differ. Essential oils so far have worked for most of these acne types. When paired with certain lifestyle alterations, essential oils can work more rapidly towards eliminating acne problems. However, there is still enough information to gather regarding the scientific evidence of essential oils being beneficial for acne-prone skin. 

How To Use Essential Oils For Acne?

We always recommend using essential oils by mixing them with some other oil. This is because essential oils can often trigger allergic reactions. Experts suggest that blending these oils with comedogenic substances, mainly Coconut oil, can be quite useful for your skin. 

However, if you are afraid that you might trigger any allergic reactions, blending the oils with a fragrance-free substance like Jojoba oil can be useful. Once you are ready, it is wise to first test the product on your arm to see if there are any allergic reactions. If it does not cause any problem, you are good to go. 

Please use essential oils in very small quantities on your skin. You do not want to trigger the oiliness on your skin and encourage the acne problem. Also, ensure your hands are clean when applying them to your skin. Then, gently circulate the oil on your face and let it sink into your skin to nourish the same. 

Ending Note

Although essential oils are safe for use with no side effects, it is a good practice to consult a doctor before using them on your skin. Also, ensure you use them correctly and appropriately to keep any skin-related risks at bay. 

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