5 Reasons This Is The Perfect College Grad Resume

Writing a perfect resume is all you need to get hired for your dream job. College graduates and students wish to craft a resume that looks best in the eyes of the recruiters. Since students are not very experienced, they require professional guidance and help. Here is what you should look for in a professional resume.

Use Relevant Keywords

            Use relevant keywords in your resume. Remember, your job application passes through various people before it lands in the hiring manager’s hands. Look at the job listings you are interested in. Identify keywords that you usually come across. For instance, to apply for a teacher’s job, you might come across words such as primary teacher, secondary teacher, and qualified teacher. Make sure to use these keywords in your CV. If you have the right skills and experience or are exposed to the industry, highlight it in your profile. You can create a core competency and work experience section to include information and phrases.

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Mention Your Activities

            Instead of listing what you can do, highlight what you have already done. If you have taken a relevant online course reflecting your core competency and skill set, you should mention it in your resume. Focus on highlighting your accomplishments, work experience, qualifications, and activities while college studies. Support your job goals and give special attention to your experience.

            Use bullet points to highlight information that closely relates to your experience and skills. Draw attention to the facts employers would mostly care about. Employers look at your job profile and the knowledge and skills you possess before hiring you.

Present Your Achievements Smartly

            It is not essential to list your grades and the courses you undertook. When you list down the number of classes you took, employers will not be entertained. Present your achievements intelligently. Employers would like to see your experience over other stuff you learned in the classroom. If you have done any relevant internship or volunteer work that matches your skill set, experience, degree, and career goals, showcase that in your job profile. If you did not do any internship, include a list of courses relevant to your skill set so that the employers know you are capable. Show hiring managers the subjects you are most familiar with.

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            It is important not to list your number of courses, grades, or academic achievements irrelevant to your job profile. Play it smartly. Jot down points that reflect on your professional expertise and skills.

Use your selling points

The format of your college grad resume is essential. It depends on the information you have to work with. Here are some tips for presenting your ideas:

  • If you have internship experience, then you should highlight it just below the summary and education sections;
  • Highlight major projects, high-level courses, and academic honours you received;
  • Any extracurricular activities you participated in should be highlighted;
  • Demonstrate leadership skills, roles, and achievements;
  • Any volunteer work you did so that all the relevant work experience comes under the spotlight.

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Don’t Include References

            Students just planning to enter the real world are looking for good references. Don’t waste the precious space you are given by mentioning references. When you add phrases like ‘References available upon request, you destroy the space on something useless. If the employer wants to have a connection, he will request it.

            Usually, this kind of information is asked during the final stages of the recruiting process. In the last interview or before joining, it is pretty likely that the employer will ask you to provide relevant references. Until then, you should not provide unnecessary information that has not been requested. Including references can even have a negative impact on your profile. Your employer might think you are showing off unnecessarily. It is vital to stay professional in your resume. Write down your CV that reflects your skills and experience professionally.

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            Get a perfect resume with these tips and land yourself your dream job. Include skills, experience, and expertise that reflect your true personality. Your next job should be your dream job.

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