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Bridal Wear That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Bridal Wear That Doesn’t Cost a FortuneHow many times have you heard engaged couples say they are forced to postpone the wedding for financial reasons? Sometimes it goes on for years and years, letting life drift by while you scrimp and save for the day to beat all days. Life is precious, and an increasing number of brides to be are starting to realize that it’s not worth wasting years of it for a designer gown and a couture dress that you will only ever wear once. Here, we take a look at five very different options for beautiful, unique bridal wear that can be yours without the need for years of saving.

Online retailers

There are a number of outlets, including this retailer, where you can buy a beautiful cocktail style dress and turn it into something memorable and distinctive with some clever accessories such as the right scarf or wrap, along with clever selection of shoes, hat and jewelry.

As well as being cost effective, you will end up with a favorite dress that you can wear again and again – and you will stand a better chance of dancing the night away without incident in something that actually allows you to move!

Pre loved

If only a traditional dress will do, seriously consider the second hand market. In this age of thrift and ecological awareness, preloved dresses are all the rage, and you can buy something that has only been worn once for less than half of what it cost new. Exercise caution about buying online, though, as you really need to have a good look at it and check the hems and so on for damage.

Make your own

OK, making a wedding dress from scratch might be a step too far for most of us, but if you are handy with a sewing machine and have a little imagination, how about finding something in a second hand shop and modifying it to your own taste? You know it will be truly unique, and imagine the kudos of telling everyone that you made it yourself!

Designer sample sales

So it has to be new, it has to be a designer brand and it has to be cheap? Even that can be arranged! Try the designer sample sales, where items from the previous season can be purchased at hugely discounted rates. Keep an eye on your favorite designer’s website to find out when their next sale is taking place.

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