Best Ways to Pick Your Kids’ Summer Clothes

Best Ways to Pick Your Kids’ Summer ClothesIt’s getting hotter and hotter, your kid is getting bigger and bigger, the summer clothes prices are getting higher and higher. If you haven’t done it already, now is definitely the time to do the summer shopping for your children.

When I say “pick your kids’ clothes”, I don’t mean completely choose for them, they should definitely have the freedom to pick their own style from as young age as possible, regardless what it looks like. But you as an adult should make sure it’s quality, comfortable, practical and suitable for their age (not if it’s fashionable, it really shouldn’t be the priority). Fortunately, there are really good children’s clothes options out there.

So it should definitely be a compromise; here are the things you as a parent should pay attention to. Give your children the freedom to choose their clothes, but try to make them understand why it’s important to take some of your advice, not because your trying to impose your opinion and you’re the boss, but because it’s really the best for them.

What Do They Really Need?

Before you set out on this challenging mission, do the wardrobe revision with your kids.

What is it that they really need this summer? Is there something from last year that’s still usable? Is there something they could inherit from their older siblings? Jamming the children’s wardrobe is never a solution, since you all often forget what they really have among so many clothes.

So it’s better not to exaggerate, make sure they have all they need, but not more they will really use and wear. Some kind of inventory would be ideal, so you can be as efficient as possible once you actually hit the stores, so you know exactly what you need – type and number of items, sizes, etc.

 Quality and Comfort

Some items may be super cute and fashionable, but are they really practical for the summer? Just think of your kid in that synthetic dress on 104° F plus, it really sounds like hell. So in the first place, pay good attention to the fabric, just as you would when shopping for yourself, only even more so. Look for natural and light fabrics that let the body breathe, some light cotton, maybe in combination with some other fabric, then, of course, linen and similar materials.

The clothes should be light and loose, like fluttering dresses and skirts for girls, and shorts for boys. Your kids should feel comfortable in them, the clothes shouldn’t be too tight nor thick, letting the kids move freely without trapping the heat, causing discomfort to your children.


Most people normally avoid dark colors for children clothes anyway, but even if this is not the case with you, you should definitely follow this in the summer. Chances are you yourself avoid wearing black during this season for the simple reason it absorbs so much sunshine that the heat becomes even worse than it is.

Well, same goes for you kids’ clothes. Not to mention that dark colors fade out in the sunshine, so this is another reason to avoid them. So light clothes, light fabrics and light colors – that would be the ideal summer combination.


A lot of people can’t understand why people in the Middle East or Africa wear long sleeves when it’s so hot, even if they’re not obliged to do so. Well, the reason is the clothes protect them from the burning sunshine.

Given that the children’s skin is really sensitive, and depending on your child’s age, you should buy some long clothes as well, again following the previous advice about fabrics and colors.


Also, don’t forget the caps and hats, as this is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to the protection from the sun. Make sure those caps are also light, thin and comfortable, allowing your kid’s head to breathe, not causing too much sweating, yet protecting it from the sunshine.

What’s more, summer clothes with UV protection are something of a novelty in kids’ fashion. And one that is more than welcome. Now you can dress your kid from head to toe in UV protected clothes. From headwear to T-shirts, skirts, shorts, dresses, to sandals and slippers, all this has UV protection. Considering the fact the sunshine intensity is increasing each year, this type of clothes might become indispensable for your children.

Don’t Forget the Showers

Everyone keeps focusing on sun protection and cooling effect, but we often forget that the summer weather can get moody and unpredictable.

Just remember all those sudden showers we experience every summer. So with all that light sun-adapted clothes, you should get some raincoats for your kids as well. Of course, they should be light, uncoated, thin and easy to fold so you can have them with you, without them taking up too much space.

When the temperatures hit really high, you may stat wishing it would rain, so you better be ready if your wish comes true.

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