Are Soft Mattresses Like Tulo Right for You?

Are Soft Mattresses Like Tulo Right for You?Sleeping on a soft mattress is especially ideal for people who rest mostly on their side. They make deeper compression with their hips, therefore, they need a mattress that won’t put pressure to their hips, shoulders, neck and knees.

Besides that, side sleepers have their spine at risk since it doesn’t get a proper support like it would if you sleep on your stomach or back. This position requires a softer and supportive mattress that will cradle the body and will put enough support from head to toes, without causing any pain and pressure.

If you are a side sleeper, you already know how a pressure feels on the crucial pressure points of your body. When sleeping on a firmer bed, your body cannot make deep compression down in to the layers, which is why the pressure occurs.

When the mattress presses your hips or shoulders for example, it blocks the bloodstream, which after several hours of rest leads towards pain in the certain area.

It’s important to pick a soft, see a list of soft mattresses (or at least medium firm) bed if this is your favorite sleeping position.

Online stores have excellent offers of soft beds made of great and adjustable materials. It’s important to get a bed that will take the shape of your body (memory foam or latex) because this way the softness will not only feel comfortable but it will also feel supportive.

Let’s Check Tulo

Every Tulo mattress review points out that Tulo is a super affordable mattress in a box, made with four layers of foam with various density; it’s 10 inches thick and provides incredible comfort and support.

The reason why Tulo is an excellent soft bed for side sleepers is because every layer provides great support and comfort, but also no matter the softness, it has a great edge support and won’t let you sink in and feel trapped in the layers.

The first layer is 2 inches thick and is a blend of memory foam (Cool Flow) and titanium particles. There is no pressure when you lie on it, and the weight gets equally distributed. The cooling that comes from this layer allows you to sleep without feeling hot or sweaty.

Tulo’s second layer is 1.5 inches thick and is made of responsive foam that also allows constant airflow (peak-valley design). The responsiveness is really important and you will sleep on a mattress that adjusts to your body frame, cradling and hugging every part of your body. It feels supportive and your spine will remain aligned. You can adjust and move easily without feeling stuck in the layers.

The third layer is 1.5 inches thick as well and is made of firmer foam that adds longevity to the mattress and reduces the compression that happens in the upper layers. The third layer also works as a great transition between the upper layers and the foundation; it’s a great support for the sleeper and prevents further sinkage.

Tulo’s foundation is the thickest (5 inches) and is made of high density foam. It’s the bed’s core and gives stability, support and durability. The manufacturers used it because it’s firm and stable enough to keep the other layers on top including the sleeper.

All the layers are nicely wrapped in a breathable cover (it’s a blend of Polyester and Tencel); the cover feels soft to the touch and will endure all sorts of movements and maneuvering of the mattress.

Tulo is a soft mattress made of foam but it doesn’t mean that the sinking is drastic. Thanks to the firm base and the great transitional third layer, this bed won’t let you sink deep.

The motion transfer is excellent while the coolness and the breathability are guaranteed with the first two layers and the cover.

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