How Nolah Mattress Can Make You Sleep Better at Night

How Nolah Mattress Can Make You Sleep Better at NightDuring the 24-hour period, people spend at least 7 to 8 hours in bed. That’s a lot of time, you’d agree. This time belongs to the inactive phase of our day, which we use to rest and regenerate after the long day.

All the stress, other people’s energies, worries, physical activity, focusing on work, talking, commuting etc., takes its toll and the least you can do for yourself is get a quality-made, comfortable and supportive mattress.

If you’re about to buy yourself a new bed, and still have no idea what should you get, read these tips and guides for Nolah Mattress, maybe you’d find it’s the ideal mattress for you.

There are many reasons why this bed is an excellent choice, such as the Nolah AirFoam that provides comfort and responses to your body’s shape. It doesn’t work like regular, traditional foam (trapping heat and not letting the bed breathe), but keeps the sleeping surface cool and fresh during your sleep.  This material isn’t entirely foam or latex, but it was made to resemble them, and many consider it to the material of the future.

Nolah’s best features

  • Construction – There isn’t a Nolah mattress review that doesn’t put an accent to this part. Nolah is 10 inches thick and has three layers and has moderate firmness (although we can say it goes more towards the softer range). The first layer is Nolah AirFoam which is 2 inches thick and resembles memory foam (it gives the best contouring and cradling) but it doesn’t trap heat like one. It doesn’t put pressure to the usual pressure points, which is ideal for side sleepers. The middle layer works as a transition and is 1 inch thick (it’s made of latex-like foam; latex is known to be firmer material but still provides contouring and comfort). The final layer, or the base is the thickest (7 inches) and provides stability to the construction; it also won’t put pressure even to deeper compressions that side sleepers tend to make.
  • Moderate firmness – As we already mentioned, this is a medium firm bed, but some people can easily classify it as a soft one. No matter what your favorite sleeping position is, you’ll have a good rest, proper weight distribution, spine support, no pressure and enough sinking so you can relax and feel cradled. Side sleepers will especially love Nolah; their deep compression will get the needed support, without any pressure and with lovely comfort.
  • Edge support – Surprisingly Nolah has a great edge support and proper weight distribution. The sinking is present which is expected since this is an all-foam bed, but for an extra deep compression you’ll have to lie to the very edges. It’s a good choice for couples who will sleep near the sides of Nolah; there is no risk of extreme sinkage or falling down.

When comes to sinking, of course, it will depend mostly on your weight, but you don’t have to worry that you’ll sink so deep that you will stuck in the mattress.

  • Motion transfer – If your partner frequently tosses and turns and doesn’t let you rest without waking up every now and then, then you already know how important it is to sleep on a bed that doesn’t spread the vibrations all over the surface. Nolah is a foam mattress and absorbs motion vibrations like a pro. Both of you will sleep peacefully when the other one moves or gets up.
  • Sleep trial & warranty – The warranty is a bit longer and will cover the bed for solid 15 years, while the sleep trial lasts 120 nights.

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