How to Have the Ultimate Thailand Holiday in Phuket

How to Have the Ultimate Thailand Holiday in Phuket

There was a time when people knew Thailand as the beach destination for backpackers and budget travelers. Over the years as Thailand has worked rigorously on tourism development, the perceptions have changed. Today, even the wealthier luxury travelers look forward to traveling to Thailand with the same level of excitement. The biggest problem with vacationing in Thailand is that you can never cover everything in a single trip. Even if you are on an extended holiday, you will be forced to tick a few places off your list, since every unique position offers so much. If you are finally planning your ultimate Thailand holiday and you have to choose one place, then Phuket should be your best bet.

Why Phuket?

Preferring Phuket over others does not make other destinations in Thailand less attractive. However, most major tourist magnets are situated at long distances and require more extended travels plus additional costs. Moreover, other areas might not have as much to offer all at one place as Phuket. As a plus, Phuket can easily cater to all kinds of tourists, while other destinations can be a bit more expensive for budget travelers.

Reaching Phuket

If you are directly traveling from your home country and Phuket is the only place that you will be covering, then the good news is that Phuket has its international airport. Look for flights that will take you directly to Phuket or use a transit hub, such as Dubai which operates flights direct to Phuket without a layover in Bangkok. Alternatively, you can book a connecting flight from Bangkok after a short delay, if landing in Bangkok is your only option. If you are traveling from Bangkok and cannot afford an additional flight cost, you can book yourself on an overnight bus or a sleeper train. However, this option is not recommended for those traveling with families and kids.

Plan Wisely

Once in Phuket, you will be tempted to cram every single excursion and day trip in your schedule which can be both expensive and exhausting. Therefore, take a deep breathe and browse through some Phuket Tours before deciding on what interests you most and what you can easily miss. For example, some tourists who want to relax on a secluded beach can entirely skip the waterparks and dedicate more resources to island hopping and beach explorations.

Traveling With Kids

If you are going with kids, they have extended stays. For example, if an excursion to Koh Phi Phi can be done in a day tour, book an overnight stay so that you can take adequate breaks and relax. Otherwise, you will end up feeling that you have only returned after changing diapers in a different country. Make sure your kids are well slept and have their tummies full to avoid any crankiness. Make a separate backpack or a handbag and pack extra diapers, a pair of clothing and snacks that your child can munch on if he feels hungry suddenly.

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