Best Ways to Create Lasting Memories With Your Kids

Have you ever been taken back to a childhood memory because of a smell? Perhaps seeing a picture has set a memory in motion. Our memories are precious and we want our children to have fond memories they can look back on and smile at.

However, it can feel like it’s harder than ever to create authentic and beautiful moments as a family. With the stresses of life and the pressures of social media, it can be difficult to stay in the moment. Here are some tips on making sure you and your kids make great memories.

Involve The Senses

Senses can trigger memories. Most people have a taste that sends them back to the kitchen with their grandmother or a scent that reminds them of someone or something. When you’re making memories with your kids, try and involve their senses so the memory is linked to sense.

It could be anything from making cookies together every Christmas to wearing the same perfume whenever you go on a trip together. In years to come, that same cookie recipe could be what they make with their own children.

Take Pictures

Most people don’t need to be reminded to take pictures these days. Thanks to technology, there’s usually a camera in our pockets at all times. However, the problem is often that we take too many pictures and lose them easily.

If you like taking pictures to print for canvases or photo albums that you can look through with your children, you’ll need good storage. This organization is ideal for cloud services that can keep all your precious memories backed up.

Running Commentary

If your children are young, they will benefit from you talking about the activities you do together. Not only is it an excellent way to build their own speech skills but it also shows them how to process what’s happening into memory. When you do anything together, whether it’s a trip to the park or a different country, talk all the way through it.

As soon as you get home, talk some more. Recount what you’ve done and what you enjoyed. There’s no way of knowing exactly what your little one will remember but it gives them the best chance of remembering something.

Get a Souvenir

Souvenirs can also trigger memories. How many times have you rummaged through the attic or basement only to lose an hour because you found something that jogged a memory? Bringing souvenirs home and keeping them safe are excellent reminders of where you have been and what you’ve done for kids.

You could even start your own collection and keep it safe in a treasure box. Every now and then, open the box together and tell stories about each souvenir to keep the memories fresh. You can even get fire secure safes that ensure memories like these are kept safe in the event of a fire.

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