How To Take Care Of Your Laptop

When you buy a phone or a tablet, you expect to change it to something new in a few years. When it comes to your laptop, however, that’s not the case. In fact, for many people, they stick with the same machine for many years in a row, only replacing it once it really starts to become a problem to use. 

In order to make the most out of your laptop, you need to maintain it well, just like you would a car. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you take care of your laptop and to ensure it lasts for a long time to come.

Don’t Use Your Laptop On Your Bed 

Using a laptop on a mattress, bed, or couch is definitely more comfortable. But you should know that if you put your laptop on a bed or similar, without realizing it you may have blocked the laptop’s airflow, or the fine dust on the duvet may have gotten into the laptop’s airflow and blocked the laptop’s heat outlet. If the laptop’s hot outlet is blocked, it’s easy for it to get too hot and that can cause it to stop working. 

Regularly Remove Old Files 

Whether you use it for work or for fun, you certainly have a few files lying around on your laptop that you no longer need.

This might be anything from Facebook images you’ve already shared to unloved songs or unused software installation files that have been sitting around for far too long. If you delete them, you’ll make more room on your hard drive and free up RAM, making your computer quicker.

You shouldn’t delete anything crucial to your computer’s operation, so check before you go on a massive cleanup of your system, as doing so could make things much worse.

Use Surge Protection 

Surge protectors are used to keep laptops and other devices from getting too much power when there are spikes or surges. Installing complete home surge protection will keep your devices from being damaged if this happens. 

Why is an electric surge a problem for laptops? During a power surge, there is a chance that too much electricity could hit the motherboard of your laptop. If enough power is sent to the motherboard, your laptop might not even turn on anymore. Plus, if there is a power surge, your charger and/or battery may not work very well. Your battery may no longer be able to be charged, may take a lot longer to fully charge, or may lose its charge more quickly.

Don’t Have Drinks Near Your Laptop

If you spill something on your laptop, it could damage the hardware inside. When this happens, you might be lucky, and once everything has dried out, you can start using it again. Or, more than likely, you’ll be unlucky – that means that whatever you spilled on your laptop will essentially render it useless. 

In fact, eating near your laptop can also be problematic if spills or crumbs get into the inner workings or get stuck between keys, making it hard to use. Ideally, you should never eat or drink around your laptop, just to be on the safe side.

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