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Best Messmate Bedroom Suites, TV Entertainment Units, And Dining Furniture in Perth Australia

Once upon a time.

Furnishing a house may seem fun in the beginning but before you know it the bills are piling up and for some reason, you have a half a lounge suite, not enough dining chairs for your family, and you have no idea how you are going to get through this mess.

It sounds dramatic, but speaking from experience and helping plenty of family members move house, I’ve seen my fair share of ‘unfurnishing’s.’ 

My husband and I have taken on board the adventure of building our dream home, from scratch, as we tore down the 2 dilapidated squares that were struggling to stay afloat on the property and created a brand new one from the ground up.

We initially thought the beginning stages were tough and expensive, little did we know what was in store for us. Many months have passed and we are about 85% of the way complete, and now the fun begins. It is always nice to shop and look for new furniture, hours can pass without you even realizing if you’re looking online.

For me, I enjoy the gleam and feel of the fabrics as I stroll through the warehouses and stores hand in hand with my husband who would be happy to take the first piece he sees if it meant he could get out the shop. But, and bless his heart, he strolls with sighing only now and then, and if I feed him I get at least an extra hour or two.

You may be in the same situation as I am, and I wish you all the success of making it through the final push, take a much-needed coffee break if you need to, caffeine is always a winner in my house.

You can also read some motivational quotes here https://www.realsimple.com/holidays-entertaining/holidays/thanksgiving/black-friday-shopping-quotes-sayings to help keep the ball rolling. If not for your life, in general, to carry on through the price tags that leave your mouth agape, when did shopping become so expensive is what I’d like to know.

Best Messmate Bedroom Suites, TV Entertainment Units, And Dining Furniture in Perth Australia

My turn.

I knew from the get-go the style, colors, and idea I wanted for our bedroom, I understood it was going to be for my husband and I and that ‘girly’ and ‘frilly’ was not an option, thankfully this is not my personality anyway, but I would want something natural if I were to design the room.

The bed was my main concern, I had so many ideas (too many now that I think back on it), magazine clippings stuck into journals, scrapbooks, or the side of my handbag, and I became overwhelmed. Eventually, I threw them all out and looked with fresh eyes, it made it a whole lot easier. I had 3 primary options and decided with my husband in the end.

It is such a big aesthetic in the room you ideally want a bespoke piece or one that tells a silent story, and then, of course, the main concern is not breaking the bank to be able to sleep at night.

If you’re like me and prefer your money ‘well-spent’ on furniture that combines style as well as price then take a browse at Messmate furniture Perth and other regions of Australia are known to have these kind of furniture. There are different styles and options to suit all sizes and shapes of rooms, varieties you may not have considered before till you’ve seen them laid out, and if it means you get a great piece at an even better price, win-win.

Best Messmate Bedroom Suites, TV Entertainment Units, And Dining Furniture in Perth Australia

His turn.

The lounge I consider to be my hubby’s, I don’t know why, but with all the setting up, the building of units, and me lounging in the crook of his neck on winter nights, he seems to have taken the reigns and this works for us.

Our new lounge that still does not have a couch, or a floor to be honest (here’s praying the ‘floor guy’ comes within the month) is not too big, has large glass doors that open into the back garden and deck, and a wood burner fireplace that hopefully will look like a magazine ad once it all comes together.

Opting for new furniture as opposed to dragging the same units and odd bits from home to home is a great way to begin a new chapter of your life. Technology, the medical industry, and even school children are advancing daily, why be stuck with your grandfathers hand me downs just to hold onto a memory? Out with the old and in with the new, I say.

Best Messmate Bedroom Suites, TV Entertainment Units, And Dining Furniture in Perth Australia

There is a sense of renewal when unwrapping furniture delivery boxes, besides the Styrofoam balls flinging everywhere which is impossible to control, and just for a moment, the world can do no wrong. That bliss lasts around 2mins and then you find the instruction manual on how to put it together and suddenly that glass of wine is needed early than dinner time, am I right?

3 benefits of new furniture.

  • All those tried and tested flops onto store floor couches and armchairs has paid off, you have a sofa that hugs you each time you sit down after a long day’s work.
  • Memory and fatigue. We all know what the wonders of a good night’s sleep can do, investing in a decent mattress is worth every penny, you’ll wake better, be more alert and effective at work, and your overall mood is improved.

The list is endless and we could chat all day about it (over tea and cake of course) but on your next well deserved coffee break check out this link for every reason you can think of to ditch the old and click ‘add to basket.’

And last but certainly not least,

  • It may seem shallow and to be honest, I’d agree, but you work hard for your money, spending it well on an item that will make the friends jealous is a nice treat once in a while, if even for a little while.

We have one life to live, I say we should buy it when we see it, life is too short to miss out.

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