Get Rid of Problems with Your Microsoft MS-100 Exam Preparation by Using These Study Hacks and Practice Tests


Are you anxious about your preparation for the Microsoft MS-100 exam? Do you feel like you’re not sure where to start and which revision materials to use? No time to worry because this post gives you study hacks that will ensure your current dilemma is dealt with. But first, let’s remember some crucial details of this assessment and the whole path you should complete to get accredited.

MS-100 Exam Overview

Test MS-100 was developed for anyone who wishes to be Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert. You’ll start with this exam before moving to MS-101, another step you need to take towards this credential.

MS-100 covers the design and implementation of Microsoft 365 services, management of authentication, access, roles, and identity as well as planning Office 365 workloads and applications. Since this is an expert-level assessment, you need to prove deep understanding of these domains, so pay attention to the learning tips provided below.

4 Best Study Hacks

Good preparation is inevitable if you really wish for success. These study hacks for MS-100 will help you stand up to your revision problems:

  • Block distractions

Interrupted studies lead to poor comprehension of exam material. You need to minimize distractions by ensuring the place where you’re studying is free from interference. You should keep devices like phones away, take regular breaks, and have your meals at the right time so that you can boost discipline and focus on your studies.

  • Avoid procrastination

Most candidates keep pushing their exam revision to a later time, don’t concentrate on what they’re learning, and keep telling themselves that they still have a lot of time to cover the content. Well, this is where failure in the assessment begins.

The best thing to do is to just start your preparation and keep the momentum until the last minute. The more you hesitate, the more the will to study hard goes away. Thus, if you decide this is the test you wish to pass, then start planning for your revision, get all the materials you need, and sign up for the training course.

  • Take practice tests

Practice tests for MS-100 are best in stimulating learning. The interactive approach that they employ enables interesting and intense studies and this is what will improve retention. Also, sample tests help reduce anxiety by letting you understand the question formats and what tasks could appear, and acquire time management skills. Moreover, you can check your performance and monitor progress as well as identify weak areas to work on more.

  • Study small sections each time

Mastering huge chunks of information at once isn’t a good idea when studying for any exam. If you wish to have a productive preparation process for MS-100, you should divide every big topic into smaller sections and go through them one by one. This enables you to digest what you’ve already learned and to avoid tiring your brain as this might end up in you forgetting everything you had grasped earlier.


If you’re really serious about getting rid of your study problems with MS-100 exam, then these hacks should help you. Choose a silent place, be focused on what you’d like to achieve, and check yourself with practice tests. May your learning be productive and bring you the desired badge!

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