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BabyNes: A Brilliant Future Starts With Smart Nutrition

BabyNes: A Brilliant Future Starts With Smart Nutrition

My youngest child, baby number three, is currently in her toddler years and being that she is my last baby, I try to soak in each and every moment. There is something about knowing that this is your last baby that makes you aware of all the things and treasure the moments you know you will never experience again. Despite that… the first few months still seem to be a complete blur. The newborn phase is both exhausting and challenging, I am convinced that I spent those months sleep walking. Did I change the diaper, is it nap time, when was the last time I fed her? Those first few moments are filled with beautiful coos from your baby and many hours spent snuggling with your amazing baby… but there are also many hours of sleep deprivation and mommy amnesia is absolutely real!


One of the biggest challenges I faced when my third was born is that my husband as recently accepted a new job on the other side of the country and I was now living very far from my family and friends. I no longer had a mother in law a phone call away, of my mom and sisters to be there at the drop of a hat. Here I was in a whole new state, a brand new baby, two other children, and no one to help me during those first few difficult months with a newborn. A year later and I laugh at all the silly things I did when I was sleep deprived, but there was certainly ways that could have made it more manageable. Such products as the BabyNes could have been the perfect solution to solve the challenges of feeding my baby when I was going on just a few hours of sleep.

BabyNes: A Brilliant Future Starts With Smart Nutrition

The BabyNes is equivalent to the Keurig and can “brew” your baby a bottle in no time during the times of sleepless night. It contains 6 stages of formulas, inspired by breastmilk. Just as the fat, protein and calorie content of breast milk changes naturally, BabyNes formulas evolve to meet your baby’s changing nutritional needs. Instead of one baby formula and one toddler formula, Gerber has created a total of six, to deliver precise nutrition from birth to three years (3 stages for newborns, 1 from 7-12 months to accommodate solid food introduction and 2 toddler formulas.) You can create the perfect bottle in less than a minute! The Wi-Fi enabled BabyNes Machine delivers superior hygiene, intuitive design, lump-free formula and a happier bottle-feeding experience for babies and parents.
The BabyNes Machine is made without BPA and uses hermetically sealed capsules that protect the formula from contamination and a unique filter that keeps water bacteria-free. This unique design allows formula to flow directly from capsule to bottle, without contacting the machine, and lets you adjust the temperature of each bottle.
The BabyNes Machine has built-in Wi-Fi, so it can send information directly to your online MyBabyNes dashboard and you can get feeding alerts, view and track your baby’s nutrition and growth, receive personalized nutritional advice as well as place capsule orders or set up auto-replenishment on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you are expecting a baby, make sure to add this hot baby item to your baby registry! I would love to hear you share you own memories, challenges, and tips from your experiences on Instagram and Twitter using #BabyNes #gamechanging #morethanakeurig #feedingbaby (tag photos of your beautiful baby!)

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