9 Steps to Follow After A Car Accident

No one ever expects to be in a car accident, but you can be prepared in how you respond after the impact.  Following these 9 tips can make all the difference for you and your family’s safety and wellbeing.

Step 1: Check yourself for injuries.  If you are in a car accident, call 911 or have someone else call. If you’re severely injured, try not to move and wait for EMS to help. You have to put your “oxygen mask” on first. You can’t save and help anyone else until you assess your own safety and wellbeing.

Step 2: Check your passengers for injuries.  If you are okay to move, check your passengers for injuries.

Step 3: Get to Safety.  If you can, move out of the roadway to the side of the street or sidewalk.  If your vehicle is causing a hazard and can be moved, pull it to the side of the road and out of harm’s way.

Step 4: Call 911. Whether it’s a minor or major accident, calling the police is imperative and often required by law. Getting an accident report is very important with the insurance company process.

Step 5: Exchange Information. This is so important!  What you need to get: (1) Full name and contact information of the other driver and passengers, (2) Insurance company and policy number, (3) Type of vehicle, (4) Driver’s license number, (5) Location of accident

Step 6: Document the Accident. (1) Take pictures, (2) Get officer’s names, (3) Talk to witnesses and get their contact information.

Step 7: Seek Medical Attention.  When accidents occur, our bodies go into shock and are running off adrenaline.  While you might think you are okay and think you can power through, you quickly learn that isn’t the case. It’s always best to seek medical attention after a car wreck to insure you are okay or diagnose any issues.

Step 8: Do Not Give a Statement.  Insurance companies will call you immediately after an accident hoping to get a statement that can potentially hurt your claim.  Do not speak to any insurance companies until you have guidance from an attorney.

Step 9: Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney. 

Insurance Companies are not your friend and are driven by their bottom line – profits.  They do everything possible to not compensate you for lost wages, medical bills, property damage and pain and suffering.  That’s where an experienced personal injury attorney can help.  We work to get you compensated every dollar you’re owed to make you are as whole as possible.  Letting the attorney fight for your damages will put your mind at ease and give you the much needed time and energy into seeking the treatment you need and healing your body.

A good car accident lawyer can make all the difference in helping you get your life back together after a car wreck. They find all available insurance policies, fight to get maximum compensation, help facilitate medical treatment and negotiate outstanding medical bills and liens.

Following these basic steps after a car wreck can help keep you safe and protect your rights.

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