Top 7 Causes of Car Accidents and Why You Should Seek Immediate Medical Care after a Crash

Cars are an integral part of our lives. And so, car accidents are, unfortunately, very common all over the world. The majority of crashes result due to human error and ignorance. While some are relatively minor, each year, thousands of lives are taken by these horrible collisions. 

Your primary goal should be to follow the traffic rules to prevent an accident in the first place. Moreover, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the most common causes of automobile accidents to be extra cautious when driving next time.  You can reach out to Fresno car accident attorneys if you want more information.

The following are the seven fundamental causes of road accidents.

1.  Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the major leading causes of road accidents. And it has only become worse after the introduction of new distraction triggers such as smartphones. You have no idea how dangerous it is––driving while scrolling down text messages or attending calls on the phone.

Many experienced drivers think that they could manage both tasks simultaneously, but the danger is that the more they do it, the more entrenched their habit becomes. And at one time, one will feel themselves the master of multitasking and can text, call, text, read, and eat while behind the wheel.

Note: If there’s something urgent you have to do while driving a car, we advise you to park the car at the safe side of the road then proceed when done.

2.  Speed

Speeding kills! It isn’t something solely associated with teens who’ve just got their driver’s license. But every day on the street, you’ll see numerous people driving fast because they are getting late for work or any other emergency. 

Moreover, over speeding can cause serious injuries, including whiplash and concussions. Even when the reason for speed is valid, the fact is the more your raise the speed, the less control you have over it. Therefore, you must stay within the legal limits because it’s in the best interests of you and other people on the road. 

Sometimes, it’s not your fault at all. Someone else might be speeding resulting in a rear end accident because they weren’t able to stop behind you in time before hitting your car. That’s why trying to be aware of other people’s actions on the road can be important too.

3.  Driving Under the Influence

Drinking before or while driving could lead to severe car accidents. It is the most common cause of driving under the influence cases, and many terrible crashes have been caused by alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills, and other drugs.

Drunk driving may sound like fun, especially for teens, but is a real gamble with yours and the life of other road users. So, you should never drive after taking any drug or medication that causes drowsiness. And if you need to visit somewhere urgent while intoxicated, just take a taxi or call a friend.

Note: Driving while you’re drunk could give rise to serious legal matters, and even accident doctors may refuse to treat you. 

4.  Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is not just dangerous but has now become the cause of completely avoidable accidents. Speeding, accelerating abruptly, racing spontaneously, making illegal U-turns, switching lanes before indicating, driving between lanes, and driving toward oncoming traffic are some examples of reckless driving. 

Always remain calm when driving because there’s no excuse of putting life’s in danger––no matter what.

5.  Rain

Sometimes it becomes essential to drive in the rain that can drastically change the road conditions by reducing traction, reducing visibility, increasing slipping, and hiding large potholes. 

Maintain low speeds and give way to other drivers behind you who may think you are blocking the road. Avoid driving at new roads or through pools of water unless you are deeply familiar with the area. Just because you are careful while driving doesn’t mean others will be. So, be extra careful when driving in the rain. 

Design Defects
Sometimes crashes occur by defects in the car itself. This happens when you fail to maintain your vehicle regularly, resulting in break fails or other issues. To avoid any uncertainty, make sure to take note of all minor and major problems happening with the car and take it for regular maintenance. 

Driving at night
Lack of light and visibility puts the driver in a dangerous situation. They face difficulty seeing at night. Make sure to use your full lights when needed and stay extra alert on the road at night.

When to See a Doctor?

Whereas automobiles bring convenience and luxury to our everyday transportation needs, they are also causing troubles and injuries each year.

The majority of medical authorities suggest you to visit a doctor straight away even if you feel no pain. After examining your neck, back, arms, shoulders, and general health, your doctor will be in the best position to confirm whether or not you have sustained any injury. If you have, then they will determine the extent of the damages and recommend the treatment.

Moreover, they will also advise on monitoring the symptoms of potential injuries that may worsen over a number of days. Usually, whiplash can appear up to 24 hours or 2 to 3 days after an accident. 

Many people don’t seek immediate medical care after a car accident. This could be for many reasons––due to the shock of the collision, the thought of being alright, or just not having a good common sense. Likewise, just because concussions, soft tissue, and other types of injuries may take one or more days to become apparent, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore visiting a car accident doctor. 

While searching, you will come across many doctors in the town, both experienced and non-experienced. The most important thing is to get the right treatment on the right time. 

Take a Note!

If you’ve been careless previously about any of the situations mentioned above, please take note. Remember, your life is precious, so you must drive safely, following all traffic laws. And delaying any medical treatment will only diminish your physical and mental health. 

Hope this article helps you learn the top causes of accidents and how soon you should see a car accident doctor after a mishap. 

Thank you for reading!

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