5 Useful Tips For Maintaining Your Coffee Maker at Home

Applying Common Sense To Your Caffeine Appliance

Anything will break down over time when it isn’t properly used. Similarly, things that are taken care of tend to last longer than even manufacturer expectations.

Think about this: cars regularly log more than 1,000,000 miles—but only if owners are studious enough in their upkeep. When you consider most vehicle owners only get 100k to 200k miles out of their vehicles, over 1,000,000 miles is substantial.

Well, in a similar way, appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, disposals, and coffee makers can work for you much longer than you may expect, if you use them properly. Following are five tips in the common sense category to help you maximize the longevity of your coffee maker.

Clean Your Machine At Intervals As Directions Advise

Machines designed for industrial use will need to be cleaned at a different frequency than those designed for individual or residential use. Still, regardless of the sort of coffee maker being maintained, it will need to be thoroughly cleaned at intervals. How long those intervals are will certainly depend.

With many coffee devices, if the instructions don’t explicitly say when you should clean the machine—and how—you can likely scan a QR code or look up a tutorial online that is chock-full of best practices in device maintenance.

The Capresso SG300 12 cup Coffee Maker from 1st In Coffee is a great coffee maker option that is not only quality and functional, but stylish and would fit in with any decor style. 

Make Coffee As Advised By The Device’s Designers

Coffee can be made in all sorts of ways, and some machines like french press amazon can handle methods of preparation not intended by designers. While this may work for a time, making coffee this way has a very high likelihood of ultimately damaging your machine. To get around this, follow the instructions in regard to preparation.

Buy Quality Devices From The Start

A very wise idea is to simply acquire a quality machine. Some think that by going with cheap options, they save money. But if you spend half as much on a machine for it to last a tenth as long, then you end up spending five times as much as you would have if you simply went with a better unit. This is an example of a quality coffee roaster; find options like this.

Strategically Locate The Machine For Longevity

If a machine has a cord too short to put it where you want it, get an extension cord. Don’t simply go by aesthetic placement, go by how usable a given coffee maker will be, and how safe it will be. If it’s in a heavily trafficked area, there’s a likelihood passerby will knock into it. If it’s under some sort of air conditioning unit or near a stove, other damages could occur.

For best results, find somewhere safe and convenient within easy reach, and which makes it easy for machine maintenance.

Use Water That Won’t Impart Mineral Residue

This one’s a bit tricky. Mineral residue isn’t unilaterally evidence of unhealthy water. Sometimes there are minerals in water which are good for a person. Sometimes, though, said compounds—chemical as well as mineral—are unhealthy. Additionally, certain water available through the tap may impart residue within the machine, and that can gum up the works.

To get around this, understand what sort of things are in the water where you are. You may not want to use public water supplies, but instead purchase water to be used in drinking. While the heat of coffee can overcome the effects of things like microorganisms, it’s not going to rectify chemical or mineral deposits which aren’t healthy to you or the machine.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Coffee Maker

When you clean your machine at the right intervals, in a thorough way, and to the advice of those who’ve designed it, it will likely last longer. Similarly, making coffee as instructions for a machine indicate will help you keep your device working longer. Using quality machines from the beginning also increases odds of long-term utility.

Lastly, be sure to use the right sort of water, and locate the machine in a spot where it will be easiest to use. Follow these tips, while generally exercising common sense in the use of such devices, and you should get many more pots of coffee out of your coffee maker than you would otherwise.

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