Top 5 Best Immune System Boosters

Our immune defenses must be at their best in every season to deal with different infections and various health problems: this is why it is essential to bring to the table foods to boost immunity. Some think that it is necessary to take foods that increase the immune defences only in the winter season. On the contrary, a healthy and strong immune system is required all around the year. In addition to fighting stress and sleeping well, food is essential to prevent pathogens from entering our body or getting the better of our defences.

Here are the foods to boost immunity that must be included in your diet to avoid getting sick.

  1. Foods with Vitamin C and Selenium- The immune system needs Vitamin C. Where do you find it? The precious allies able to make a substantial contribution from this point of view in the winter months are undoubtedly citrus fruits. They arrive at our tables in November and are good and juicy until April. Blonds, red oranges, mandarins, clementine, lemons, grapefruits, and cedars concentrate on goodness. Even kiwi and pineapple are seasonal and full of this valuable nutrient.

One of the essential minerals to balance the immune system is selenium, which prevents the oxidative damage to which our body is subjected, detoxifies the liver, affects the thyroid’s proper functioning, and regulates metabolism. Foods that contain generous amounts, then add to the shopping list, are Brazil nuts (it takes five per week), cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, mustard, brown rice, and some fish like Tuna and sardines. Elderberry, Vitamin C + Zinc from Viva Naturals is a great option, this supplement contains  immune-supporting ingredients with elderberry for antioxidant-like support, as well as ginger, zinc, and immune-boosting vitamins C and D3.

  1. Green vegetables, pumpkin, curry, and turmeric- Green and orange are the colors that must brighten up the dishes during the winter months. Topping the list are vegetables, such as kale, cabbage, beets, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts. The merit of their goodness lies in the healthful phytochemicals they are rich in: Fibre, vitamin A, magnesium, folic acid abound and strengthen the immune system. Bring one portion to the table a day. On the other hand, the beneficial orange is that of the pumpkin Delica, Butternut, Hokkaido, Muscat, which is a source of vitamin A that must not be missing. Not only that, but it is also the color of two spices: curry and turmeric. Few grams and fill up on antioxidants that help boost immunity. Among the autumn foods to boost immunity, many autumn foods help control endometriosis and reduce associated pain. 
  2. Omega 3 rich Fresh (or frozen) fish- Take a trip to the fishmonger or frozen counter to buy fish, as long as it’s not canned or smoked. Tuna, salmon, bluefish, such as anchovies, sardines, and mackerel, are essential to support the immune system. The recommended dose is at least 100 grams twice a week. To balance the immune system even more and give the fish flavor, bring garlic, rich in allicin, antibiotic and antifungal effects, and prevent colds. 
  3. The role of Legumes and Cereals- They produce antibodies and are a valuable protein source capable of guaranteeing a tremendous immune response. Chickpeas, beans, lentils should be eaten at least three times a week because they repair and grow body tissues, satiate and regulate blood sugar. The dry ones to soak or cook without first soaking them are excellent, but for convenience, you can also use legumes in jars to enrich soups and minestrone or prepare hummus, legume curry, or hot and cold side dishes. Eighty grams every day ensure a balance of the immune defences because they contribute to intestinal well-being. Also, when choosing the healthiest takeaway foods to order, pay attention to the presence of substances that are friendly to the immune system. 
  4. Yogurt and chocolate: Snacks for Immune Defences- This is thanks to the lactic ferments present in yogurt, which regulate the intestinal flora and, therefore, the body’s defences. Also excellent is a square of dark chocolate (25 grams per day, with at least 70% cocoa), a concentrate of energy. Chocolates also contain serotonin, known as the “happiness hormone, “endorphins, effective pain inhibitors, and an antidepressant.


We bring to the table a significant influence on our immune defences, for better or for worse. A diet too rich in starchy foods, fats, and sugars weakens the immune system, giving way to viruses and bacteria. Eating foods to boost immunity is positive from several points of view, especially since we get sick much more minor in this way.

A balanced diet provides the vitamins and minerals needed by the body to fight cellular aging and fight against free radicals. We must arrive prepared for each change of season, doing everything possible to increase our defenses and avoid getting sick.

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