5 Tips to cooling down your dog in hot weather

5 Tips to cooling down your dog in hot weather

Just like human beings, dogs feel the heat when the weather is extremely hot. They also need to be cooled down when the weather is hot and this requires that one takes care of their dog just like they take care of themselves. So, you could be asking about some of the best ways one can keep their dogs cool during a hot day. You could probably be thinking about where to pick the best dog cooling mat for this purpose. Well, there are many other methods that can be used for this purpose of cooling a dog in hot weather.

Here are 5 tips that can help cool down your dog in hot weather:

  1. Find some shade for the dog

Just like human beings can shelter under a shade during a hot day, so can a dog. As such, you need to think of how to protect your dog from the hot weather through a shade. If you have a tree in your compound, you can relocate the dog and settle him under the shade. A small patio can also be an ideal place where your dog can settle down and enjoy a cool breeze during the hot weather. A canvas canopy can be set up for the dog to provide him with the right cool temperatures during the hot days.

  1. Take a dip. Be careful though

If you have a pool at home, taking a dip, along with the dog could be a very good idea. This is good for your dog if he is very uncomfortable due to the hot weather. However, if the dog is extremely hot and may be almost suffering a heat stroke, it would not be advisable to take the dip as it could worsen the situation.

The right thing to do is to have the dog enter into the water gradually. The feet of the dog help in temperature regulation. You can monitor his temperature with time as he stands in the cold water for some time.

  1. Create a breeze for the dog

Creating a breeze for the dog is a very important aspect of cooling him down during the hot weather. You can place a window on the patio for this purpose. A fan is also a good way you can create a breeze and have the dog cool down and enjoy the cool breeze during the hot weather.

  1. Ice the dog’s drink

Just like people take cold drinks to cool themselves during hot weather, the same case applies to dogs. Your dog would also love to take their drinks cold. Always replenish their drinking water and keep it fresh all the time. You can also add some ice to their water bowl so that it can lower the temperature of the water. This way, the dog cools himself during the hot weather.

  1. Beware of vulnerable dogs

It is very important that you are aware of the vulnerabilities that your dog suffers. There are dogs that are fair skinned. These should have sunscreen applied on them. For the very dark dogs, they should never be left in the heat for a long period of time. Dogs should not be walked on black pavements as these could easily have them get scalded on the pads.

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