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5 Tips for Transforming a Whole House

Turning your house into a home is an exciting job, no matter how tired it could leave you at the end of the day. There is nothing more relaxing than giving your whole house a transformation that best suits your taste. We cannot underestimate the excessive energy, stamina, innovation, styling, and time that this chore requires. Many of us only get to do our home’s interior designing once in three to four years. And precisely, that is why you should go for evergreen designs that are also sustainable and don’t dilapidate soon. So, to save you time and effort, we have collected a few valuable tips to transform the whole house. From choosing ageless colors to installing marvelous paintings; here’s a complete guide:


  • Use Your Space Cleverly 


You don’t necessarily need to have a big house to make it look spacious and airy. Instead, all you need is to use your available space wisely. The broader and spacious you keep your house, the better it looks from a minimalistic standpoint. That doesn’t mean you need to reduce functional furniture pieces or showpieces from your home. Using light and bright colors in your interior designs would give an illusion of more space.

In contrast, darker colors illustrate a larger area. The texture of your flooring also affects the spaciousness of your home – using rugs to define places can make your room expansive. You can also mount tall glass windows and hang floor-to-ceiling curtains to make the room look big. Declutter your home by assigning places to each of the necessary items, even inside your closet. You can store items that aren’t in your use right now in storage units near your house. They are safer, cleaner, and much less frantic storage space than one inside the house—the fewer things you have lying around in the place, the lesser the chance to lose them.


  • Choose The Perfect Theme


Choosing the suitable color theme to go with your interior designs is the primary step to achieve a seamlessly homey look. Start by looking around the neighborhood or your friends and family’s homes to get a better idea of what you want and what you don’t want. Don’t limit your imagination; visit home accent shops and surf through home décor magazines so that you could make an informed decision. Remember to personalize the theme so that you are comfortable with how your home’s final look turns out. List down things that you find interesting like music, books, cooking, nature, or vintage designs to find your style’s core. There is no one stopping you from mixing two different types and turning them into something unique. These days it’s trendy to combine contemporary and conventional looks to give your house a cozy yet industrialist appearance.


  • Add Contrasting Furniture


Paying close attention to the type of furniture you choose for your house is essential than you might have anticipated. First and foremost, select the same furniture material for all your rooms – the trendiest ones in today’s date are wood, glass, and wicker.  You can vary some textures and colors to appear united but not uniform and create an overall homey look. An eco-friendly way is to restore and reuse the old furniture. There are several ways to renovate old closets – by giving them a new polish, changing the handles to a more modern look, and expanding the space by adding new shelves. Or, you could use extra storage items like wooden crates to create coffee tables, an old dresser to create a minibar, or an old ladder to make a closet hanging. There are several valuable DIYs for home décor.


  • Mount Mirrors


Another way to make your home spacious and more modernized is by adding mirrors – literally, EVERYWHERE! Almost all new decors show that there could never be enough mirrors, now that they are available in so many different designs and styles. Horizontal mirrors for the corridor, vertical ones for the living room, circular ones in the corners, carved ones for staircases – the options are infinite. They are not only visually pleasing but also an excellent way to fill up empty walls. The trendiest ones are the new sunburst designs for your teen’s bedroom, giving a funky yet sophisticated look to the room. Or you could install decorative mirrors in your living room, making it look ultra-classic.


  • Build Shelves


Suppose you are big on adding more spaces to your home design, then shelves are the option for you. Be it for books, showpieces, clothing, or even TV sets, and shelves are an excellent way to transform the house. You can fix a new shelve anywhere; make sure it sits right with your theme. If you are a parent of toddlers or school-going children, you would know that there is never enough space to store their belongings like toys, clothes, or books. Adding a few extra shelves in their room or closet can resolve the issue, and you can make it look trendy by using cool new DIY styles to build shelves. For instance, the unique shape shelves give your living room and sitting area a completely different look. Designed in hexagonal shapes or triangular figures, they are a fantastic option.


The best home-look would be the most you like the most, and you feel the most comfortable. Trying to blend in with the new and trendy designs is okay. However, it shouldn’t end up looking like something completely different than your persona. Your home should have a personalized touch of your choices and personality. Try adding in little details like the flowers for the vase, wall-hangings, cushion sets, and kitchen crockery, which identifies as a piece of you. It is the magic secret to transforming your whole house into a home for you and your family.

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