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5 Reasons Why Every Little Girl Needs A Tutu Dress

A special thanks to FabKids for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

5 Reasons Why Every Little Girl Needs A Tutu Dress

 My daughter has become absolutely infatuated with tutu dresses and I am as equally pleased with them as she is. There comes a point is some little girl lives where they grow out of the big, frilly and over the top pink dresses and gowns. My daughter still loves to dress up and look nice, but she is also a very active outdoors kid and it’s not practical for her to spend the day catching bugs in a poofy princess dress. Thankfully we have discover the perfect solution and that is why I am here today to give you 5 Reasons Why Every Little Girl Needs A Tutu Dress!

 5 Reasons Why Every Little Girl Needs A Tutu Dress

(1) First and foremost, every little girl needs a tutu dress simply because they are beautiful and practical all at once. They come fully lined with slight stretch for easy dressing and playing. Your daughter can do somersaults, climb trees, kick a soccer ball and ride bikes all afternoon without any restrictions that a regular dress may have.

(2) Tutu dresses pair perfectly with a pair of Fab soft leggings and what little girl doesn’t already own a million pairs already? My daughter practically lives in leggings and having adorable dresses to pair them with makes it simple an easy for her to pick out her own outfit in the morning.

(3) A tutu dress is perfect for any occasion! Whether you are heading to the park for the afternoon, going to church, Easter dinner or a friend’s birthday party… a tutu dress will match the occasion. These dresses are ideal for occasions that require you to dress up or down, it’s truly an all in one outfit!

5 Reasons Why Every Little Girl Needs A Tutu Dress

(4) A tutu dress is incredibly comfortable! We all remember those special occasions where we needed to dress up and how uncomfortable and awkward we felt all day. A tutu dress fits comfortably so that your daughter can enjoy that special day!

(5) Warning, your child will get a ton of compliments in a tutu dress! Seriously, this dress is so adorable, stylish and unique that my daughter is constantly being told how beautiful it looks on her. She owns two of these stunning dresses and she is always receiving compliments when she wears them, it is defiantly a big hit!

So there you have it fans, 5 reasons why your sweet little girl should have a tutu dress this summer!

5 Reasons Why Every Little Girl Needs A Tutu Dress


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