What To Do When Your Purse Is Stolen

What To Do When Your Purse Is StolenMost of us go about our everyday lives without being overly concerned about the safety of our belongings. That, of course, is the way that it should be; while we should always take appropriate steps to care for the items we own, no one wants to go through life having to live in a constant state of hypervigilance.

Unfortunately, this does mean that, on occasion, the worst might happen and you find yourself the victim of a theft. One of the most common thefts that women are liable to experience is the theft of their purse; an issue that poses both practical and emotional challenges.

Below, let’s run through the next steps to take when you discover that your purse is missing. Hopefully, you will never need this information, but if it does become required then there’s no doubt you’ll be glad of it.

STEP ONE: Make a list of everything that was in the purse

As soon as you notice your purse is gone, make a list of everything that was inside. It’s best to do this while the contents are fresh in your memory.

STEP TWO: Report the theft

Call the police and report the theft next, especially if you’re going to be making an insurance claim for any of the items that have been stolen.

STEP THREE: Cancel your bank cards

Do this as soon as you get off the phone to the police, as financial theft is likely the main reason why your purse was stolen to begin with. Cancel all of your cards and ask your bank to put a block on your account.

STEP FOUR: Change the locks

If your keys were in your purse, then you need to change the locks to your home (and potentially your car) as soon as possible. If you have to use a locksmith to enter your property without your keys following the theft, they will usually be able to change the locks too, as you can read at Coastal Contract Hardware and similar suppliers. When the new locks are in place, call your home insurance company just to make sure you’re still covered— you almost certainly are, but there’s no harm in checking.

STEP FIVE: Call your cell phone provider

If your cell phone was in your purse, then you’ll need to call your provider and ask them to block the number. If you don’t, you may be liable for any calls that are made while the phone is out of your possession. Some thieves call premium numbers, that they own, to generate extra income from a theft, so inform your provider as soon as you realize your phone is out of your possession.

STEP SIX: Talk to someone

You may find that having your purse stolen is more emotionally affecting than you might expect, so take the time to talk to someone — such as a therapist — to help you cope with the emotions.

In conclusion

With any luck, you can absorb the information presented above and then forget about it. However, if you do find yourself a victim of purse theft, then going through the steps above should help to minimize the potential damage such an event can do.

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