5 Must Know Camping Hacks

There’s no doubt that, when it comes to frugality, it’s tough to beat camping as a family vacation idea. Rather than spending a lot of money on a hotel, you can save your funds for expeditions from the campsite, and enjoy the feeling of heading back to nature. Of course, camping is not without its problems – but then again, nothing ever is. What you need is a few tricks, camping hacks if you will, to ensure that things go as well as they possibly can. And what do you know, there’s a few already in mind…

Camping Hack #1: All Liquids Go In Bags

That’s liquids in the broad sense; basically, if it’s not solid, then it needs to go in its own separate plastic bag. Shampoo, conditioner, hot sauce, mayonnaise – anything you’re taking needs its own little baggie. There’s nothing quite so ruinous for your feelings if you are in the process and unpacking and discover that there’s liquid mess seeping onto clothes, sleeping bags, and anything else you might have brought along.

Camping Hack #2: Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is a wonderful thing, even if you don’t have a baby with you. Obviously adults can use it as a shampoo, and it’s usually mild enough that you won’t need to be carting a conditioner along with you. Furthermore, you can use the same baby shampoo to wash dishes (when sufficiently diluted) and even as a spot treatment for clothes that become stained.

Camping Hack #3 – Foam Floor Tiles

Sleeping on the bare earth is part of the fun of camping, but it’s also… well it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. The first step is to make sure you have a comfortable enough tent, which is easy enough to source as confirmed by Tents and Camp Gear. When you have the right tent, there’s one more purchase that your back will thank you for making: cheap foam floor tiles. They can line the floor and put a valuable inch or so between you and the hard, unforgiving bare earth beneath the canvas.

Camping Hack #4 – Repurpose A Container For Toilet Paper

Damp toilet paper – it happens, either through a spillage or just from collecting the dew that all camping trips have to deal with. It’s a real pain, so rather than risk the inhumanity, reuse a cheap food container (coffee cans are a great choice) and store your toilet paper in there. So long as the container you choose isn’t porous, it should make life far more comfortable for all involved.

Camping Hack #5 – Tic Tac Boxes For Spices

Just because you’re camping in the great outdoors doesn’t mean that you don’t want your food to be as flavorful as possible. Grab a few Tic Tac boxes (if you have to buy them specially, then you get that little treat as well!) and fill them with your chosen spices. They’re easy to store, won’t leak, and the limited delivery system means you won’t end up with more curry powder than anyone would ever need in their campfire meal. If you’re taking more than a couple, remember to label them with a Sharpie so you don’t get confused in dim light.

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