How to use MCT Oil for Weight Loss?

How to use MCT Oil for Weight Loss?

MCT oil is one of the best sources of healthy fats. Largely used in weight loss diets, it represents a solution which is now widely available in stores and as all coconut oils, it is also a very versatile solution as well. Not all fats are bad and this is what can be seen in MCT oil with its C8 category fats. It is thus important to know that you can have the best results when it comes to overall weight loss help. At the end of the day, it is still nutrition and not a magical solution for losing weight.

Pure MCT oil is made from coconuts and has many health benefits especially when looking how to take MCT oil for weight loss. Most of them are linked directly or indirectly to weight loss and this is why it is important to consider the options you have to consume it every day for the duration of your weight loss plan or diet. The question, what is the Best MCT oil, is a hard one to answer because it really depends what you want to get out of the using the supplement.

MCT and the low carbohydrate diets

MCT oil has been made popular with low carbohydrate diets. It is so popular that many manufacturers only brand it as a solution for weight loss today. One such diet is the Ketogenic diet which is known for its low carbohydrate intake. With as little as 5% carbohydrate consumption from the total calories you consume every day, the fats in the oil act as one of the few pure energy sources. Quickly replacing the role of glucose, the MCT oil can be used by the body as an energy source. This is why it can be a good idea to use the oil when you do not want to sacrifice your active lifestyle for the weight loss process.

MCT oil in salads

MCT oil is versatile and you do not have to drink it straight from the bottle if you do not like its texture. One of the simplest ways to use it is to actually combine it with low-calorie foods such as salads. You can use it as dressing and as long as you do not consume more than a couple of tablespoons, you will be able to see it as one of the aids of weight loss.

Salads are typically served with oil as well. This is one of the best methods to ensure that new users feel comfortable with the oil as there are many people who report different stomach issues due to the oily texture.

MCT oil coffee

One of the most popular and fun methods to consume the oil is with coffee. Often seen as bulletproof coffee due to the impressive energy it can deliver, the drinks thus represents a viable option for many people, especially in the conditions in which you want to use it as a pre-workout drink.

However, somehow, the drink started to get recommended for consumption on an empty stomach. It is here that you have the ability to ensure that you start your day with extra energy and this can be a challenge when on a diet. This is why so many low carbs diets are actually recommending this combination of coffee with MCT oil to be consumed early in the morning. It allows you to start your day with the right food and most importantly, the drink combination does this without interfering with your weight loss goals. You will need to understand that the texture of the coffee can change as well and this is why it is important to know that you can enjoy great overall results when it comes to available energy only if your stomach is fine with the combination.

Similar options involve mixing the oil with green tea. With similar energy benefits, the drink can also come with an intake of antioxidants. This can also be recommended when it comes to weight loss and as it fights oxidative stress, it can be one of the great options for highly-active people as well.

MCT oil dosage

The dosage of MCT oil differs from cases to case. However, 1-2 tablespoons per day should be enough, especially if mixed in drinks such as coffee. With good results in limited quantities, the oil represents a solution which can be used for the entire duration of the weight loss process.

However, you do not want this process to be longer than a few weeks as you need to allow your body to rest and not put constant pressure on it and on the metabolism. Thus, after a few weeks on the diet, you can take a break from your lower weight goals and from the MCT oil consumption as well. There are no side effects to consuming MCT oil on the long-term but in some cases, it can cause stomach discomfort and you need to use it when you want an extra intake of healthy fats.

MCT oil for appetite suppression

MCT oil is still a combination of fats. This means that it can be a tool to control appetite. Since it comes with a soothing action on the stomach, it can also be one of the few solutions you can apply when it comes to better overall health, especially in the conditions in which fighting hunger can be one of the biggest obstacles of weight loss.

In most cases, losing weight also means reducing the number of calories you consume every day. This can be hard to maintain as many people can attest. Even a small quantity of MCT oil can reduce some of this stress as it is known as one of the leading solutions for appetite suppression. You thus get the ability to choose one of the best options when it comes to a smarter way of losing weight.

On its own, the oil can, however, come with limited or no results. It is only when you combine it with a lower calorie intake or with a lower carbohydrate intake that you can start to see weight loss results. Having an active lifestyle every day with at least half an hour of exercise is also highly recommended. In some cases, your activity levels should also be increased in case you do not see the results you need or in case you are already a moderately active person. It is in these conditions that the MCT oil can come to improve your overall weight loss efforts.  

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