5 Foods Dogs Can’t Eat from the Table

5 Foods Dogs Can’t Eat from the TablePreparing food for our furry friends is not as easy as whipping out a nice meal for human consumption. The diet and tolerance of dogs are not the same as the human. One cannot just throw their leftovers onto their dog’s plate and think he would love it as much as they enjoyed their dinner. He may love it but it may hurt the dog’s belly.

If you are a pet owner, you should know what foods will cause their stomach to be upset. Other symptoms they may experience include a headache or other complications as our dog friends do not have the capacity to express what they feel, aside from their unusual bark and unnecessary actions. Pet parents should be responsible enough to know what human foods dogs can eat and what are not. Below are five human foods you should not give to your dog.


The chocolate you enjoy eating is not suited for your dog. Chocolates have theobromine, a bitter alkaloid which can be poisonous to dogs. The darker the chocolate is, the more hazardous it is for your dog. Your pets can experience vomiting, high fever, anxiety, heavy breathing, seizures, diarrhea and stiff muscles. In some situations, the chocolate could be deadly. It is imperative to keep all chocolate away from your furry friend.

Whole Nuts

Dogs do not chew their food as they swallow from their plate. Whole nuts can cause choking. Peanuts and pecans are okay for them however if swallowed collectively, they can cause blockage too. Better give small amounts at a time or not at all.

Ice cream

While you love your ice cream for dessert or snack, better if you just consume it yourself and do not share it with your canine pet. Dogs have a low tolerance for dairy. Aside from ice cream, other dairy options like yogurt, cheese, and milk are also not advisable for them. It can really hurt their stomachs.

Garlic & Onions

You may prepare a sumptuous meal for the family with garlic and onions on it but do not share it with your pet.  These vegetables have content which can damage their red blood cells. As a result, their blood cells can split which causes their urine to become red or brown. Though garlic and onion in bits are not that hazardous for them, big chunks of these taken over time can be harmful to their health. Avoid chips that are flavored with garlic and onions too.


Dogs who intake a large amount of caffeine can cause trembling, rapid heartbeat, seizures, panting, and nervousness. Moreover, consuming caffeine can lead them to heart failure which can result in death.Coffee is not just the drinks you have to be careful too. Caffeine can also be found in tea and soda and foods like protein bars and candies.  

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