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5 Essential Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

It’s essential to retain the neatness and hygiene of interiors; and hence, floors should be taken care of. Floors of concrete, stone, variety of tiles or marble may be takes less time to be cleaned and requires less of effort as well. But when it comes to hard wood floors, maintenance is really tough, tricky and complicated too.

Hard wood floors give our homes or office space an extra edge and a sophisticated, fancy decor too. For this reason, retaining the gloss and keeping it clean is imperative too. Cleaning these sort of floor spaces is different, and therefore, some essentials tips are to be known for better interior retention in domestic space, or in offices, commercial domains etc.

How to clean your hardwood floors?

  1. Applying the vacuum cleaner is essential: it’s necessary to use the vacuum cleaner on the hard wood spaces as this is the only way of cleaning a space quite gently and swiftly as well. To wipe up the dust is necessary at least once a week so that the neatness can be retained throughout.

Cleaning the hard wood space with this vacuum cleaner helps in ensuring that the floor is never damaged as soft cleaning techniques are applied. Not that tricky a method, not too tough as well as a vacuum cleaner is almost available in every domestic space and in commercial arenas as well. This is done at least once in a week, no physical damage is possessed to the hardwood floor and the space remains clean as well.

  1. Using safe spray furniture and glass window cleaner: Generally the spray cleansers we use for the glass windows and the window panes or other such furniture at home or commercial spaces are used for cleaning the hard wood spaces too. This can really damage the finish and the gloss. The polish of the hard wood floor is to be retained and hence, before applying sprays one must check the content of the spray so that the hard wood finish remains the same.
  2. Using carpets and door mats can be helpful enough: Usage of long and thick carpets can be useful enough to protect the hardwood floors as the polish used is delicate enough and if scratched once, it damages the entire gloss and look of the floor area. Thick door mats are necessary to protect the space in front of the door as that space is used regularly and roughly as well at times. Furniture pads are good means too; using furniture pads can help protecting the hard wood floors form getting damaged. Rugs can be used as well.
  3. Using suitable no wax hard wood floor cleaners: To choose the right floor cleaner is important; and hence, one must buy and use the no wax sprays that are used to clean floors without harming the hard wood. There are many floor spray cleaners available in the market that can harm the floors by chemicals and hence, the no wax ones are the best and the suitable ones suggested for cleaning hard wood floors.
  4. Dirt management on floor: As we know, dirt can damage the floor its finish and the gloss the polish per se but we often forget about stains and other liquid stuff that spills upon the floors and dries there upon only. Such liquid stuff can damage the polish by staining the surface; and thus, these are to be cleaned as soon as possible. Using softer mops are always suggested which can just wipe off the dirt from the surface. Hard wood floors are delicate and hence, extra care is to be taken.

To retain the polish, one can wax the floor at regular intervals. This helps in retaining the gloss and the desired look, the interior effect at homes. To retain the shine of hard wood floors is a real challenge and one of the major hindrances is the use of acidic cleansers on the floor. One should never use cleansers with ammonia or such other acidic chemicals. Generally at home we tend to use vinegar or other such acidic stuff to clean up the wooden floors but this tactic is a complete no-no for hard wood floors.

Avoiding shabbiness, damp weather and rain is imperative. Moisture or rather excess of moisture in the air can damage the polish and the wooden surface itself. Keeping off the dust is essential and hence, daily dusting or dry mopping is always suggested to maintain the hard wood floors. In addition, avoiding physical damage while shifting or moving furniture is also something one should keep in mind.

Harsh chemical products should not be used at all. Robot vacuum comparison or the automatic vacuum cleaners are widely in vogue these days .These are some of the essential protocols that must be followed to retain an everlasting shine on a hard wood surface.

8 thoughts on “5 Essential Tips For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

  1. I’d like to agree with you for all the points being mentioned by you. Yeah, for people like me who are living in a hardwood floored house with a pet in the home, it is extremely difficult to keep cleaner surface ensured all the time.
    Also, selection of one of the best vacuum cleaner that is suitable for hardwood surface is ideal but one also needs to take several technical detailing of the same in consideration.

    Thank you for amazing post.

  2. Thank you for the tips. I only use a steam mop and broom on my hardwood floor but I think it’s time I got a vacuum cleaner. Removing dust and pet hair on my floor with just a broom can be really hectic.
    I also think a vacuum cleaner will save me more time since steam cleaning does take a lot of time.

  3. Thanks for telling me that using a vacuum cleaner is a good and effective way to clean hardwood floors. We’ll be staying at this vacation house for a month so I intend to make it clean for our family members. I’ll try doing your tips and I’m also planning to hire professional cleaning services before we leave.

  4. I always used mop on my Hardwood floor but after reading your article I have started using vacuum cleaner to cleaned my hardwood floor properly. I realized this is the effective way to clean hardwood floor . Thanks for sharing this outstanding information with us!

  5. You have shared some great tips here. Although hardwood floor gives a sophisticated look to an office; however, cleaning them can be a hassle. Go Cleaners Squad offers commercial cleaning service and also provide comprehensive cleaning program.

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