5 Common Triggers Which Can Cause Relapse After Rehab

Relapse after rehab is now not a new concept. There have been very many cases of people who have snapped back right into drugs and this time they give it all they have and they lose it faster than they can even understand. However, this is not how it should be. I tend to think that when people are in a rehab it is out of their own will and they are not forced by anyone. That will power is actually really what we need to prevent relapse. Now, these right here are the triggers that will lead you right back to square one due to relapse.

  1. Holding On To Your Stash.

It is very important that immediately you leave the rehab facility that you get rid of your stash and maintain a drug-free zone at home. Make sure that you clean up your room and if possible completely seal off your hiding spot. This way you will not be tempted to go back to using drugs.

  1. Maintaining Old Company

If at all you think that your drinking buddies are all that happy that you are now clean, then I think that you really need to think again. As a matter of fact, they feel betrayed by that and they don’t like it so they will use every opportunity they get to try and lure you back. Some of these people as so crafty that they will add some of these drugs to your food and this can easily spring back a craving.

  1. Having No Follow-Up

Rehab centers such as Ambrosia have a good reputation and you can check their client reviews here – They take a personal interest in the welfare of their clients and they will want to ascertain that you are back on track before letting you go. They act as accountability partners and will guide you throughout. While checking out some of their reviews, thanks to their 10k+ high success rate that got my attention, I noticed that most of their clients actually appreciate this service as they say it what that really held them together out there.

  1. Staying Idle

Old habits have a tendency to just spring out once one is idle. They will have this way that they just come to mind when you are not engaged. Having in mind that you are just from a rehab center then this will definitely be a dominant thought and if you are not careful cravings will start springing out and this pulls many people back to relapse. This explains why when people are on parole from jail they will be required to look for a job. It is simply to keep them engaged so that they don’t go back to their old habits.

  1. Quick Release From Rehab.

The time in rehab is very precious and people should take their time there till they feel they are good on their feet. Many people think that it is embarrassing to be in a rehab but that’s not it. Being in rehab on an island is the kind of recuperation I would go for. Make sure you don’t push for release as you will go home half-baked. At this point, relapse is almost inevitable.

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