Top 5 wrist watch trends of 2018

Wristwatches are an essential element of a person’s accessories. They are not only meant to read time but have become a fashion no one can resist. Providing you with a classy look, they are a great complement to your daily outfits. From Rolex formal watches to apple watch brand, all types of watches create a personal style statement. No matter where you are going they are a must-have accessory. Here are the most popular trends of wrist watches of 2018:

Formal Watches:

Dress or formal watches are the most elegant of watches. They are only meant to be worn with suits or when going to business and formal meetings. These watches have to be simple and classic. Formal watches are usually made of a leather strap with a metallic dial but sometimes other designs are also preferred. They pair with your suit, your dinner jacket, and even tuxedos.

Field Watches:

Looking for a watch strong enough to bear all types of climate conditions? Or something that can endure battle like conditions and still look good? Field watches are your answer. Field watches are made in such a way that they can be worn by anyone like people who have to do a lot of field work. Even Military personnel and officers can wear them because of their hard and durable nature.

Smart Watches:

Smartwatches are the latest trend in the 21st century. Smart watches are made for the comfort and ease of the people who want things to be done quickly. Unlike simple analog and digital watches, smartwatches have a touch screen and can make calls, has a GPS navigation system, have internet connectivity, have a front facing camera and other vital features like heart rate monitor. These watches easily get connected with your mobile phone providing you an easy and fast access to read your messages and attend calls.

 Luxury Watches:

Luxury watches are made for the enthusiasts. The people who like it a little extra and have a hobby of collecting different watches. They are often handcrafted and embellished with diamonds, crystals and other expensive and precious gemstones and materials. They will easily cost you millions of dollars but are worth spending on.

Sport or Fitness Watches:

Fitness trackers have now become a need rather than a trend. Living in this era of technology and always having a busy life, most of the people do not have enough time to take care of their health and go for a little exercise. So, in order to make people aware of their health, fitness watches have been introduced. These trackers give you a proper information about your activities. They tell you how many hours you have slept, how much miles you have run, how many steps you have taken, how much water you need to drink and what you need to eat and how much calories of it.


Wristwatches have now become an essential part of your life rather than only fashion. There are a lot of different types of watches present in market, out of which you can choose according to your need. They not only give you information about time but also do a variety of things making your life much easier and comfortable keeping you more managed, scheduled, punctual and healthy. 

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