How To Clean The Carpet From Hairs & Fur

Every homemaker knows how essential and still tremendously difficult it is to keep your flooring clean. Soft bright fluffy carpets and different rags always create a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Any flat becomes cozier; besides, carpets contribute to the room design. But unfortunately, they have one significant disadvantage – rugs tend to pick hair, fur, and dust. And if in addition to all dust and crumbs you have a molting pet, the mission becomes impossible. So if you don`t feel like choosing between your pets, carpets, and family health, get ready for endless cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming. But luckily, the modern market is continually inventing new cleaning devices and developing the old ones. And we hope that these tips will help you to keep your house clean without great efforts and waste of time.

Wet Rag or Broom            

Admittedly, this is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about cleaning carpets from the hair of pet fur. This tip is the easiest one. But don`t be disappointed or too strict – despite its obviousness and simplicity, this trick can be handy. All you need is to take a rag, put it into the water, then squeeze and gently wipe the carpet. You can also use a wet broom. Shake it to get rid of excess moisture and sweep the carpet. When your rag or broom gets dry to remove the collected hair, wet it again and continue cleaning.

Carpet Shampoo             

Just like shampoo for human hair, carpet shampoos work to loosen debris and liquids from the floor. This kind of household chemical is applied in carpet and rugs cleaning. Not only can they save your carpet from dirt, smell and pet hair, but also give it the second life. The principle of action is based on chemical interaction and wet cleaning of a pile with the further usage of brushes or vacuum cleaners. Shampoos proved to be a very effective method. Besides, we are lucky to have a huge rank of different types for different purposes: there are antibacterial types, shampoos for odor and spots removal, for whitening, shampoos for synthetic as well as natural pile carpets, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and so forth.   

Carpet Brush             

One more easy and conventional method of carpet cleaning is a brush. This household tool has a handle and thick bristles or rank of special soft rubber tips that keep every hair very thoroughly and leave your carpet clean. You may use a dry brush or a wet one, sweep the rag and remove hair and pet fur. When you finished cleaning, and all hair has been removed, you can peel it off the brush. Some models may also be used to reduce hair from clothes and furniture. The brush is available in all housekeeping stores and at e-shops. You may also choose the material and thickness of bristles according to your purpose or peculiarity of application. Brush cleans carpet very accurately, but please pay attention that in some cases it can harm very soft pile.  

Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets and Rugs             

Robot vacuum cleaner for carpets and rugs is another beautiful and useful way to keep your house clean. The vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful tips which guarantee you perfect result. Moreover, you don`t even have to vacuum carpet yourself anymore. This hi-tech device will help you to avoid house cleaning. The robot is charged from the outset, and then turns on and vacuums the floor. Some models are additionally equipped with special brushes and clean flat surfaces as well as carpets and rugs so that you can choose the best for carpet floors. Remote control allows users to run it via smartphone. Modern models such as Roomba, for example, meet all standards of safety and quality and will become an indispensable assistant in housekeeping. There is only one minus – such robots are rather expensive. But they are worth buying, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result. So, think about Roomba that will soon pay off and save your time for more important things.

Steam Generator             

The steam generator is a device that can do cleaning very similar to the chemical one but without any special household chemicals. The power of steam is much higher than the power of agents. So, the steam generator is usually used in stain removal, bathroom, and carpet cleaning. It heats the water to steam and then produces steam under great pressure. Just like vacuum cleaners some models are additionally equipped with special brushes and keep hair. The steam generator is a new word in cleaning. You don`t just remove hair or crumbs, but filter air. High temperature disinfects all surfaces and clothes and refreshes the air. If you are nervous about using this approach, I would recommend oriental rug cleaning in Kyle, that way you know the job will get done right without any damage to your rug.

Hire a professional

Unfortunately, we should admit that sometimes there are too serious cases when we cannot remove strains ourselves. Our home gadgets, chemicals, and small tips are powerless against ingrained dirt or old spots. The last and the only way that can save your favorite carpet is to hire a professional. Hiring professionals like those at this Carpet Cleaning Melbourne company can be an extremely efficient way of cleaning your carpet when you are having difficulties yourself. When they are finished your carpet will look bright, fresh, and spotless as if it were a newly bought one!                

We hope that our advice will help you in your battle against hair and dirt. Keep your carpet fresh, walk it barefoot, play on it with children and enjoy the coziness and softness of the flooring without great efforts.


2 thoughts on “How To Clean The Carpet From Hairs & Fur

  1. I use a rubber broom for picking up surface hairs, a quick and handy tool.

    For stubborn embedded hair an upright vacuum is my go-to tool.

    A robot vacuum would be a time saver for me with 3 labs who shed heavily, but I’m more concerned about the brush getting tangled and clogged.

    Is the Roomba good at self-cleaning the hair tangles and clogs?

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