5 Best Ways to Keep Your Stomach Feeling Healthy

5 Best Ways to Keep Your Stomach Feeling HealthyDid you know that the stomach is the only body part that does not require oversight and control by the brain? Well, now you know! This makes the stomach a very essential. Therefore, it is very important to take the responsibility of ensuring that you keep your stomach healthy at all times and below, we look at the 5 best ways to do it.

Proper nutrition

Proper feeding is the best way of ensuring that you keep your stomach healthy. Being the initial part of the digestive system, proper feeding allows the stomach an easy time for the start of the process, which leaves the stomach in the right shape as it was before the process. Having a balanced diet is the simple and only way of feeding well.

Gas control

While taking in food and drinks, your stomach takes in a lot of gases in form of air and other gastric additives. It is important to note that, like any other state of matter, gases also occupy space. The stomach is not meant to hold food or anything at any particular time, it is just for the first stage of digestion.

Accumulation of gasses in the stomach clogs it up making it difficult for digestion, resulting to stomach upsets. Some of the ways to keep your stomach gas content in check are, intake of mustard, low intake of carbonated drinks, lying down to allow gas movements, intake of hot drinks, just to mention but a few. This way, you will avoid stomach bloating which keeps it healthy.

Intake of Vitamin sunshine

Research has it that enough intake of Vitamin D reduces the chances of getting the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by stabilizing the bowel movements, which lead to discomfort. Doctors and nutritionists recommend at least 30 minutes of sunshine a day. It is possible however, for it to be difficult for some people to get this and as an alternative, intake of Vitamin D supplements is advised. Avoiding bowel movements is a good and simple way to ensure a healthy stomach.

Stomach bacteria replenishment

Lined in the stomach are bacteria, which help in absorption of nutrients and boosting the body immunity. Anytime you eat food and it is digested, some of these bacteria are used up. The same applies when your body is attacked by infections and hence, the body fights back. Eventually, the bacteria level become so low such that, your stomach cannot efficiently absorb nutrients from food and the body’s immunity reduces. The consequence is more sever in women that it is in men. Intake of probiotics restores the right amount of these bacteria ensuring proper balance. There are different types of probiotics but the best probiotic for women especially, recommended by most doctors is the Lactobacillus.

Proper hydration

Together with fiber, water helps make the work of breaking down food especially during the initial stage in the stomach, much easier. In addition, the stomach is able to hold as much as 1.5 liters of water at any given time. Make the 7-10 glasses of water recommendation a habit and you will have a healthy stomach.

There are many other ways of ensuring a healthy stomach but with the above, you are good to go. Good health is a personal responsibility. Take care of yours.

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  1. Excellent article! Some new insights like intake of mustard and sun bath to help keep stomach healthier. I suffered from a very long bout of bloating recently. Healthy eating and work out help restore my gut health.

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