Advice on How to Stop Sibling Fighting

Being a parent is the greatest job in the world, and the only thing better than having a child is having children. That said, the threat of sibling rivalry is something that impacts virtually all multi-child families at one stage or another. Finding a way to end the faction is naturally top of every parent’s agenda.  

This task can feel like an endless battle, especially when you think you’ve tried every weapon in the arsenal. Don’t give up yet, though. This secret ammunition could be the key to get those white flags waving.    

  Cater For All  

In many cases, sibling arguments start because both parties want to use the same resource. This can start in early childhood with fighting over toys. As they grow older, however, those problems are likely to revolve around computers and other forms of entertainment.  

 Without spoiling the kids, having the resources to keep them individually occupied is key. Upgrade your broadband package at, and the kids will soon be happy once more. And if they’re caught up in their own digital adventures, they won’t be fighting their siblings.

 Of course, you’ll still need to encourage greater unity and togetherness too. Nonetheless, overcoming the threat of fighting through boredom will only help your cause.

 Find A Group Activity

The key to successfully managing siblings is to combine individuality and unity at once. Group activities that encourage each child to take up a specific role as part of a bigger picture can work wonders.

 Arguably the standout option here is to let them start a band. Have one child playing guitar while another plays the keyboard. They’ll soon be playing together in an effective manner that still encourages personal development. And if at least one child shows genuine star quality, embrace it at every opportunity.

 There are other options out there too, spanning sport, dance and other fun activities. Find one that works for your family, and the frequency of fighting should fall.

Employ Better Routines

All children need family rules. When you have children of different ages, this can become a little harder. As a parent, the crucial factor is to make things fair.

 Whether it’s setting a schedule where each child gets time to choose a TV show or planning chores doesn’t matter. Achieving that sense of stability and fairness is vital. Meanwhile, reward charts from are a great way to promote individual behavior. That way, you can ensure the victim of any sibling fights won’t miss out on the rewards that they deserve. Essentially, it’s all about a fair and transparent structure. Achieve this, and you won’t go far wrong.

 Embrace Even Bigger Group Outings

Ultimately, a little bickering is part and parcel of being a sibling. At the same time, brothers and sisters share an unbreakable bond like no other. One of the best ways to embrace that is to put them in a scenario where that closeness can make all the difference.

 This could mean arranging family gatherings or attending local events. Either way, being in a strange environment will naturally encourage siblings to seek comfort from each other in a positive manner. That’s not to say they can’t still enjoy the company of others too, but that sibling bond will be at the heart of those ventures. Those positive interactions in bigger surroundings should influence growth in intimate scenarios too.

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