4 Tips to Biking With Your Dog

Biking is fun. It’s a great way for you and your dog to spend time together while engaging your muscles in burning off excess fat. Wherever you decide to go biking, it’s important to ensure your safety and that of your dog.

For instance, buy a bike attachment beforehand to tie your dog’s leash. Don’t hold your pet’s leash in hand while biking. WalkyDog or Springer are some attachments you can consider for your bike.

The next time you plan to go biking with your dog, consider the following tips for a successful and safe adventure outdoors.

  1. Learn Your Dog’s Ability

Determine your dog’s ability before you go biking. Visit a vet to assess your dog’s ability to go biking. Old dogs and those with short legs might not run as fast you might want. Take your dog for short test bike rides to further learn its ability for a long biking adventure.

  1. Prepare the Dog for the Biking Run

If your dog has never gone out biking, it’s best to prepare it for the big day. Don’t just wake up one morning and decide you’re going biking. Start with a walk so your dog can get the whole idea of biking and get used to it over time.

Increase your biking speed progressively. Be observant of your dog during the walks and stop if you notice any fatigue in your pet. Use positive reinforcement to help your dog get used to the idea of biking. Be patient and give your dog time to get everything under control.

Make sure that you dog can behave well near people without getting too excited. Otherwise your biking might not end well.

  1. Check Your Dog’s Paws

Check your dog’s paws to ensure it can walk on rough, asphalt terrain. Their paw pads can also be sensitive to rough terrain, including dirt and grass trails you plan to bike on. Give your dog’s paw pads time to toughen up in case you intend to bike on pavement.

Train on various types of terrain to get your dog ready for biking on a trail. Consider dog boots if your pet can comfortably keep one on. Assess your dog’s paws after each training session to remove stones or cactus needles, or small cuts that might need dressing.

  1. Pack Enough Snacks and Water

When you’re finally ready to go biking with your dog, bring enough snacks and water for yourself and your pet. Make sure both of you have enough to last the biking duration.

Track Your Rides

Don’t forget to track your rides each time you go biking. It’ll help you know how long the two of you went biking or even share your routes with family or friends.

The Tractive Dog Walk app is free for download and can help you track your route, distance and biking duration. It can give you an overview of your walking, biking or running routes in your smartphone. The app can also allow you to take scenic photo shots while biking outdoors on your chosen trail.

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