Should I Purchase A Business Address Service for My UK Company?

Companies in the UK should have registered addresses with locations in the UK. Additionally, the individual directors of the company are required to provide a service address to Companies House. Even with that, some people may not have an address for use in such matters, especially being the address appearing on public records. In such a case, one may choose to get a business address service, usually provided through the company secretarial firms and the company formation agents.

Using a Business Address Service

In a situation where people cannot get a registered office address for whatever reason, a business address service can be purchased. If you are forming a UK company, you can purchase a business address service online to make your company compliant. It is a great option for limited companies and individual officers for companies. Business address services are applicable in the following scenarios:

* To Avoid Business Interruption in Case of a Move

If there plans to relocate in the future, you don’t need to have a fixed registered address for your business. With a business address service, continuity is guaranteed. When that time of moving comes, you won’t have to keep telling people about your changing locations.

* When you want to hide your Residential Address

For those operating their business from home, a business address service is all you need especially if you don’t want to disclose your residential address. To keep your residential address anonymous in this situation, then you can buy a business address service.

* To Register an Office Presence Where there is None

An office presence is good for business but if you don’t want to keep maintaining one, you can make use of a business address service. Making it possible for your customers to see that you got a physical presence is a big boost to your business.

* Helpful for Non-UK Residents

If you are thinking of beginning operations in the UK, you definitely need to get your business a registered office address in the UK. For that reason, buying a business address service, preferably a London address works perfectly in such a situation.

* Reduce Spam Mail

Unsolicited marketing mail is a problem that many companies have to deal with when they give out their registered addresses. The business address service will help you deal with such cases allowing emails that are official to come to you only.

* For Status

When you think your location isn’t known to many people, you would consider getting a prestigious address, usually a central London address. This will give your business some status that could otherwise have been absent by using your own address. A London address boosts confidence among suppliers and customers because of the location.

* When Privacy is Needed

You probably have a business address already but do not want to have personal mail addressing you as a company director. This option provides an alternative where official correspondence is kept private from the rest of the people in the company if you want it that way.

* When you are Always on the Move

If you spend most of your time travelling and away from home, a business address service is definitely what you need. That means your official mail can be attended to promptly while you are on the move. Mails can be either be scanned and emailed to you or forwarded to a different address.

* When Rental Contracts are Restraining

Some rental contracts are restrictive and won’t allow business owners to use the premises for a registered office address. In such a case, buying a business address service for your UK Company will be the only option.

* Protection from Unwanted Visits

If your business is about sensitive work or anyone in the company conducts sensitive operations, you may consider using these services. You should buy a business address service since you can’t have a business running without an address. This may include business involved in controversial activities, political tasks and so on.

You will have to get a registered office address for your business operations in the UK. However, if you cannot get it for whatever reason, then purchasing a business address service is still an option for you. It will help you manage your business affairs smoothly.

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