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4 Simple Tips on How To Choose the Correct TV Stand Height

4 Simple Tips on How To Choose the Correct TV Stand Height

How to choose TV stand height is not exactly a process that should follow fixed rules. Your own comfort is one of the primary considerations, limited only by the actual room shape. And, of course, it is only obvious that your TV dimensions are one of the factors that determine the choice of height and width. If you are not yet sure how to get started, make a note of the following how to choose stand for TV height tips.


Choosing optimal TV stand height

As it was already mentioned, a lot will depend on your personal TV watching habits. Still, the following four tips on how to choose TV stand height work just fine for most people:

1. Measure the TV first. First off, you should measure your TV. The diagonal on your TV box goes for the screen size only, and does not take frame into the account. That is, the actual physical dimensions will be a little different. If you have not bought a new TV yet, search for online table that helps to determine actual model dimensions based on the TV screen diagonal.

2. Take your furniture height into account. Next thing to consider is where from you are going to watch your TV. The golden rule is that the middle of your TV screen should be a little below your eye level — this kind of position is the most comfortable one for most people. So, measure your sofa height to visualize how tall the stand should be.

3. Focus on your personal comfort. With the growing popularity of TV brackets and really low standing TV units, more and more people choose to think beyond ‘below the eye level’ TV position. Sure, you are free to do the same — as long as you are comfortable, which is still the major consideration on how to choose TV stand height. In a bedroom, for example, the approach to choosing TV stand height will be quite different — after all, you will most likely watch it lying, not sitting. So, higher position might be more beneficial.

4. Do not forget about TV stand width and depth. And, of course, do not forget that depth and width of your TV stand are even more important than its height. After all, you are going to be limited by your physical living room dimensions — or any other room you are working on.

Other decoration and placement ideas

Another important thing to bear in mind when you choose TV stand height is room shape and overall interior decoration picture. For example, a long and narrow room will look most impressive with a low standing TV cabinet. Go with a long and narrow model for a more impressive effect.

In a small and square room, on the other hand, it is better to go for the same small and square TV stand model — maybe, even a corner one if the room is really small.

Finally, TV stand production material should also be in tune with the decoration setting you are working on.

3 thoughts on “4 Simple Tips on How To Choose the Correct TV Stand Height

  1. I’m going to build a home theater room this summer, and I’ve heard TV height is actually an important consideration to factor into your overall plans. I thought it was interesting how you mentioned that the middle of my TV screen ought to ideally be a little below eye level. This is good to know since I’ve been stressing about what height TV stand I should purchase for my theater room.

  2. Some good advice here. If you’re going to wall mount your TV, you are definitely going to want to make sure you set it at the correct height because you certainly don’t want to have to reinstall the bracket. That would just cause a whole lot of unwanted stress. My advice would be to always measure, measure and when your sure it’s right, measure again! You can never be to sure 🙂

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