4 Reasons to Have Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is cosmetic surgery for the vulva or the vagina’s exterior part, particularly the inner labia. This procedure tends to change the shape or size of the labia according to the patient’s preference. Vaginas have different structures and some women have excess labia tissues. One solution to this is to have labiaplasty to reduce it. Aside from this, there are other reasons why women have labiaplasty and here are some of them:

To Eliminate Discomfort During Sports, Exercise, and Everyday Activities

Exercising and sports help your body to feel great and help improve all aspects of health. Some women feel discomfort from these activities on their vaginal area. Many exercise routines cause rubbing and chafing that is too much to deal with and results in an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes, these get so irritating that you may face difficulties in performing everyday activities. Everyday activities such as car rides, long walks, or even sitting for too long, may become unbearable because the labia are too large or have excess tissue.

To Be Able to Wear Any Clothing

Excessive labia could result in having camel toes, especially on tight fit clothing with lighter material. If this is true for you, undergoing labiaplasty would help you by reducing overly large labia that prevents you from wearing swimsuits and other types of tight clothing.

To Feel More Confident

You should never feel too self-conscious about any part of your body. However, if you’re one of those women who find themselves being conscious of what their vagina looks like, then a labiaplasty would allow you to feel confident in that area.

To Eliminate Discomfort or Pain During Intercourse or Urination

If you have enlarged labia that cause pain and discomfort while having sexual intercourse or when urinating, then a surgery to reduce the size of your labia may help.

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