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4 Frugal Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

We made it through January. Though the days are still dark and cold, there are little signs that winter is retreating and spring is on its way. To usher in the new season, make some changes to your home that will look smart and stylish but won’t cost a fortune.

Spruce Up Your Garden

Winter brings with it wind and rain which can ravage your garden. Therefore, a little TLC is often required this time of year. Start with a general clear out. Get rid of any garden debris such as fallen leaves, broken branches, and any rubbish that has blown in.

Assess your perimeter for damage. It might be time to invest in new fencing and fence gates. Check your paintwork for signs of wear and where necessary provide a quick lick of paint. These updates are not time-consuming but will create a neat and tidy appearance for your home.

Clearing And Cleaning

The clear out should continue inside your home. This time of year is ideal to declutter and get rid of all those items that are no longer needed. Go through your home room by room and clean everywhere thoroughly. Start with the ceilings and light fittings and work your way down. Remove everything including furniture to get into those hard-to-reach spaces.


One of the best things about spring is that it brings light and life. The days slowly become longer, and the clouds retreat. Make the most of this new light by throwing open the windows and airing the whole house. Let the fresh air penetrate every nook and corner.

Take down your heavy winter drapes and replace them with lighter fabric. Wash nets and dry clean household accessories. Wash windows inside and out and let them sparkle.

Home Accessories

Not everyone has the funds to completely redecorate their home. However, there are a number of thrifty changes you can make that cost little money but will make a big difference to your home’s appearance.

Change cushion covers and replace them with lighter, floral covers. To save money re-purpose old sheets and duvet covers that are no longer in use. Or create patchwork cushions using scraps of fabric from old clothes. This simple change will freshen your sofa and armchair, and give it a completely different look. Remember, wool and velvet are out, and cotton and linen are in.

Changing your shelves can also alter the appearance of the room. For example, if you have bookshelves, remove some of the books and intersperse them with ornaments and photographs. You’ll find that the focus changes, and transforms the space. Use old wrapping paper to cover some of the areas at the back of the shelf. This brings color and texture.

As the garden begins to come alive, bring some of the plants indoors and display them in jars and pots on the window sill. Change the photos and pictures displayed on walls and shelves. Wrapping paper can be used in frames to create interesting and unusual patterns. Display several pictures together to make a focal wall.

Spring will soon be here. Make a start on clearing and cleaning ready for the new season. Be thrifty and use what you have at your disposal. The tiniest changes sometimes have the most impact.

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